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A/N: Let me just start by saying Thank you so much for all the love and support shown for the book. More than 500 views and 54 votes:,) thank you! Here is Part 12, I truly hope you all enjoy this. 

(B/F/N, Best friends name, or you could use a different name)

Y/n's POV:

After Chief Park had announced that our case had arrived I quickly ran, as shellfish as this might sound, I wanted to help this person as quickly as I can to go see B/F/N. We went to the ambulance and started unloading the patient, "9-year-old female, suffering from head injuries and has had an abnormally high blood pressure, no identified parents yet." The paramedic said, Then Taehyung and I went to quickly get her better. "Page Dr.Min please," I said as I handed my Pager to the nurse. He nodded and quickly did so. I started prepping as much as I could. When I began to check her, She opened one eye, "Where am I..what?" She said and tried to move but couldn't. "Hi there sweetie, You are at the hospital, you were in an accident, what's your name?" I said trying to keep her awake. "J-Jackie," she said. "Alright Jackie, You have a bit cut on your head and we need the brain surgeon to come, but he will be here soon," I said and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Do you know where my mom is?" she said. "Not yet, but we will find out as soon as they tell us more," I said and she had a tear go down her eye. I went by her and held her hand, "Don't worry, everything will be okay," she slightly nodded and that's when Dr.Min walked in, "What's going on?" he said. "We have 9-year-old Jackie and she has a big cut and head injuries." He nodded and quickly went to her and checked her eyes. "CT scan and if anything pops up as a worry get her straight into the O.R. and I will be there," he said to me and I nodded. "Let's go get her CT, " Taehyung said, I nodded and we both walked quickly to get the Scan.

As we waited, I worried for B/F/N, I hadn't heard anything and no one has told me anything. "Look at this," Taehyung said which distracted me from my thoughts. The CT scan showed brain bleeding was slowly occurring and that's when we saw Jackie began to act strange and her eyes weren't the same. "Let's get an O.R. quickly and Page Dr.Min quickly," Taehyung said and did so as we ran down the hallway. We got to an O.R. and luckily this O.R. was already for this case because the chief had saved it. We both scrubbed in quickly and that's when Dr.Min walked in and began to scrub in as well. "What did you find?" he said as he looked at me, "Brain bleeding but she began to crash so we brought her here, she stable at the moment but we need to act fast," I said as a surgical nurse showed the CT results. He nodded, "Alright, Taehyung hand me the scalpel and grab the suction." he said and Taehyung did as he was told.

After a couple of hours, Dr.Min was closing up the wound and was able to control the whole issue. We decided to check and make sure there were no other issues. She had a broken leg but Taehyung decided to fix it and allowed me to close the wound. After we finished we sent her to the intensive care just to make sure she would be watched over. I walked out and washed my hands and left. I went to the OR board and saw that Dr. Jung and Chief Park were performing surgery on B/F/N. "You alright?" Taehyung said. "Yeah, I- just need to see her but I can't," I said and a tear left my eye. "She didn't even tell me that she was coming," I said. Taehyung was there just listening. "We should go check on our patient and make see how she has been doing," he said and soon we began walking.

We went to the intensive care and went to the little girl's room. There Dr.Min was already running some tests. "How is she doing?" I asked Dr. Min. "She is fine at the moment but we won't be able to tell until she is awake." He said, "Have we found out any information about the patient's parents?" I asked. "Yes, The mother is in the O.R. and The father is still unidentified." Dr. Min. I nodded. "Dr. L/N?" I heard someone call me, and I turned to see Dr. Jung standing there with Mina. "Yes," I said and walked outside the room towards them. "Well I have good news and bad news, " he began, "The good news is she is currently stable and the internal bleeding has gotten under control," he said. "and the bad news?" "We weren't able to fix up completely, she has lots of internal organ damage, we have to give her body a break and wait to see how she does overnight, If she makes it, we go in first thing in the morning," he said. "Can I go see her?," I asked. "Yes, you may, follow me," he said and I followed behind.

We reached the room and there they were. Laying on a bed, lots of machinery still connected to them. I went in and grabbed her hand and noticed her bracelet was gone, "Where is her belongings?" I asked. "Here they are," he said and handed me the bag with her items. I looked inside and saw her bracelet and wallet, I opened her wallet and there was our favorite photo of the both of us together. I sat down and began to sob. I couldn't stop, it felt as if apart of me was missing. "Why---- oh why?" I said to myself silently. "Dr. L/N, you're patient is now awake." One of the nurses told me, "I'll be there," I said and stood up be whispered to B/F/N, "I'll be right back," and left to attend to the patient.

I reached Jackie's room and then saw her smiling, "Hi Jackie, how are you doing?" I asked. "a lot better," "That's good," I said. "Where is my mom ?" she asked. "She was also hurt and is in surgery?" She nodded, "Did you come only with your mom,?" I asked. "No, I came with dad too but they didn't let him in the ambulance," she said sadly. I nodded and said, "Well, I'll let one of the nurses know and see if they can find him." I said and she nodded. I was about to walk out when she pulled my arm back, "can you stay until mom or dad come,?" she asked, "uh-" "Don't worry y/n ill stay and you go and be with B/F/N, " Taehyung said as he walked in the room. I stood up and hugged him, "Thank you Taehyung," I said and He nodded. Soon I walked back to B/F/N's room.

end of y/n's pov

Taehyungs Pov:

Did that really happen, did she really hug me, am I dreaming?. I might be blushing, I know she did that because she needed a friend but who am I kidding. "You like her huh?" Jackie said as she saw me just standing there with my hands still out. "Don't say anything," I said and she laughed.

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