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Trigger warning: mentions of blood, surgery.

Y/N's POV:

I got back and told My best friend the great news. She was happy for me but didn't like the idea of getting a second job. I assured her that it would be only temporary until I would be able to have enough for my mother and me. I then told her I had to go and finish my shift since I had about 5 hours left. She nodded and I left back to the emergency room. I was so happy I would finally help my mother. It has been almost 4 months since I've last seen her. I smiled and walked to the emergency room. When I got there, I saw Taehyung and he smiled at me. He was giving medicine to a patient. I went over to the main desk and saw Nurse Janet. "You look very happy, Dr.L/N, " she said. "I am, How many patients do I have Janet?" asked as she began to hand me a stack of files. "About five, Dr. Kim Taehyung has about Two, would you like me to ask him to help you?" she asked. "No it's okay I can handle it, Thank you Janet." she smiled kindly and went back to doing her work. I saw the interns coming my way, "Alright Jackson and Mina, go to the outpatient, The doctors have asked for more interns to train. Taemin and Steven you both will stay with me here in the emergency room. Assisting where needed." I said and they nodded and got to work. We soon began to get to work.

After an hour or so, I had about two patients left. For some reason, I felt really joyful, which is typically really strange for me. I decided to brush it off. Then I heard, "Help PLEASE, HELP SOMEONE!!" I looked in the direction the person was yelling, I ran and saw the man had some bloodstains on him but was holding something in his hand and it was covered with a blanket. "Sir, I'm Dr. L/N, can you tell me what's going on?" "My wife just gave birth in the car, right now, help my baby." That's when he uncovered the blanket and there was the child, however it was not breathing. Without thinking I took the baby and yelled at some nurses as well as for Taemin. I went to a room and said to Taemin, "Get Dr.Kim Taehyung and Help the mother, Sir escort my intern and the doctor to your wife and I will do everything I can." I said. They left and while I quickly began to open the baby's airways, I told one of the nurses to page Dr. Jeon. After a minute we finally got a heartbeat but the baby was out for a bit and still had low stats so we had to take the child into surgery. as we began to take him, Dr. Jeon appeared right on time. "What's going on?" he said. "Newborn, born right outside been out for a while and has very low stats," I said. "Alright quickly to the O.R and tell them to prepare for a quick CT scan," he said. We got to the OR, scrubbed in, they did a CT and had to wait for the results. The results came back and showed some brain damage which is when Dr.Jeon got to work.

After an hour or two, we were able to fix the damages but still, the newborn had to be in the NICU since it had been born early and still had problems. We got of the O.R. and began to head to the O.R. "Thank you Dr.Jeon," I said. He smiled and looked at me, "You're welcome but you don't have to call me Dr.Jeon, you already know that." he said. I felt my phone vibrate and notice it was the information for the plane and the tickets on the way back as well. I typed a thank you and put my phone away. "What was that?" he asked. "Plane tickets," I said. He nodded. "Well, I hope you have a safe trip and come back safely as well," he said. "I will, thank you," I said. "Oh, and also, text me when you land and when you come back, just to make sure you got here alright," he said smiling. "I will," I said. "You should go now, you have to pack and get ready for tomorrow," he said. I nodded and thanked him. I hugged him and said Good night. Then I left to clock out and tell B/F/N that I would leave to pack but see her in the morning before I left.

end of y/n POV:

Jungkook's POV:

I watched as Y/N walked away, My heart hurt. I don't know why I feel like this, I barely talk to her, and she will only be gone for three days or so. I just hope she will be okay. Also, the thought of Jimin going with her makes me ....wait...am I jealous...am I catching feelings? No that can't be. She's just a friend. but why do I care about her so much, this has never happened before. "Dr. Jeon, the parents are waiting." the nurse said. I nodded and decided to just shake off my thought and get back to work.

end of Jungkook's POV:

Y/n's POV:

After I finished talking to B/F/N, I left and she knew I would come in the morning to say goodbye. I didn't want to leave her but I knew she would not want to get on a plane after what she went through. Plus she just got out of surgery, I know she will be in great hands. I walked to the elevator and rode the elevator to the first floor. I was on the third. The elevator stopped on the second floor indicating someone would get on, It was Dr. Kim Taehyung. "Hello Y/N," he said and stepped in. "Hey Taehyung, How is your patient doing?" I asked. "Good, she should recover well. How is the child?" he asked. "He did well and hopefully recovers as well," I said. He nodded and the elevator stopped indicating that it was on the first floor, we both stepped out and he offered to walk me back to my apartment. I declined but he insisted and so we walked. When I got there I offered for him to come in and have some sort of snack or something since I hadn't been home much. He came in and we talked about work and life.

After a bit I looked at my watch and saw that it was 10:45 pm, which meant I needed to start packing, "I think I should start packing," I said and he stood up. "Yeah, I understand. I hope you have a nice trip and if you need anything don't hesitate to text me," he said. I nodded and hugged him as a goodbye. He then stood there and we looked into the eyes of each other and he began to lean in, I felt the urge to lean in as well. I felt his face close to mine and our lips were about to touch but then a knock at the door stopped us and we both backed away quickly. "See you Y/n, STAY SAFE !" He said and ran to the door. He opened the door and it was Hoseok and Yoongi. He walked out past them and I invited both of them in. They had come to help me pack and brought food as well. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened with Taehyung, I was confused. I didn't know how to feel. I brushed it off and decided to begin to pack to get my mind off it.

end of Y/N'S POV:

Taehyungs POV:

I ran to my apartment and once I got there, I opened the door and quickly went in and closed the door. I almost kissed her. does she think I'm wired now? was she going to kiss me back? Ugh, Hoseok and Yoongi ruined it. I felt like my heart was about to explode. I decided to just sit down and think. I thought to myself, 'what have I done' but i also liked just talking to her in general and being with her, it felt nice. I smiled but worried, What if i just ruined it all, I decided to just sleep and hope for the best.

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