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Trigger warning: mentions of death

Y/N'S P.O.V:

After saying the time of death, I felt as if the whole world was going slow. I couldn't think straight. I left the OR as quickly as I could. Normally, I've said the time of deaths for other patients and never reacted like this. I stood outside the OR thinking of everything. How am I gonna tell the other interns that their friend is dead while the person who killed her is sitting in the ER barely injured? I just- "Hey, Y/N, you alright?" Taehyung asked as he stood beside me. "Uh..yeah. I'm okey. I just don't know how to tell the other interns." I said as a tear fell my eye. He let out a small smile. "I could go with you if that would help," he said. I looked at him, "...thank you." was all I could say. Then I began to walk to the waiting room.

Once I got to the waiting room, I saw all three interns sitting together. I walked to them. "How is she?" asked mina. "please follow me.." I said and the three of them and Taehyung followed me to a private room. "have a seat." I said and they sat down. Taehyung closed the door and he looked at me and nodded. "Dr. L/N, how is she,?" mina asked again but with tears almost spilling. "... I'm sorry Mina, I did everything I could. She didn't make it, the surgery and her bleeding became too much. she didn't pull through. I'm sorry." I said and a tear again slipped my eye. Mina began to cry, she held my hand and said, "it's okey, Dr. L/N, I know you did your best..". Then she let go of my hand and cried a lot. I got up and was going to excuse myself when Jackson said "Dr. L/N, have you heard if they caught the person who killed her?" he said with bloodshot eyes. I was about to speak when Taehyung interrupted. "we personally haven't heard anything yet, but when we do we will let you know." he said and escorted me out.

"You should go home and get some rest," Taehyung said. "I will take them to see Sarah one last time," he said as he lightly patted my shoulder. I nodded and thanked him." But before I have to go see what they found out about the man." I said and walked back to the ER. Once I got back the results were ready and everything was clear. He only had a couple of scratches and a cut but other than that he was fine. I couldn't believe that Sarah was no longer there. I went to the officer and said, "So, the patient is fine, the pain was just from shock and he should feel better in a couple of days" I said. He then took the man and arrested him properly then took him to jail. After filling all the charts, I began to walk to the residents room to take everything off again and walked to the elevator to go home. Once I got in the elevator, Dr. Jung was there and he let out a small smile. I walked in and just stood there. After a couple of seconds after the elevator began, he pulled the emergency stop button. I looked back at him and he said, "I know you need to cry, let it out I won't judge." he said. I stood next to him, I began to cry and he pulled me in for a hug. After a couple of seconds, I stopped and let go. I wiped my face and started the elevator. "Thank you, Dr. Jung," I said. "Just call me Hoseok, it is alright," he said. Then the elevator stopped and we both went our separate ways.

After I got back to my apartment, I took a shower and finally fell asleep. It was a rough first day.

Two days later

It has been two days since I've been to work and today will be my day back. I am happy to go back but I am still worried about mina and how she is doing. Today I have a 36-hour shift so it will definitely be a long one. I got up and made myself breakfast. As I finished my breakfast, I went to get properly dressed and put on my shoes. Once I was ready I headed out the door and walked to work.

I got to work and went to the resident's locker. After I put on my scrubs and got my pager, I went to the ER to start my day. I got to the ER and saw Taehyung filling out charts, "Hey, Y/n, Are you ready?" he said and smiled. "Yeah I am ready," I said and gave a soft smile. "Alright let's begin." 

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