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Trigger warnings: Mentions of needles

Mina's Pov

"I-I-I" was all I could say


"So you ready?" Taemin asked. "Yeah, I'm ready," I said and smiled. We both walked into the room with the patient, "Hello, I'm Mina and This is Taemin, we will be here with you and taking care of you while we wait for the next step from the doctors." The child smiled and nodded, "Alright well for right now we just need to check your vitals and in a bit, I will come in and do some blood test, but don't worry it won't hurt that much, and will only take about a minute or two." I said as I began to check his blood pressure and other vitals. "How are you feeling?" Taemin said, "I am....tired, and everything hurts..." he said as he tossed and turned. His mother stood next to him holding his hand. "Don't worry, I am very sure both doctors will help you feel better soon, ill be right back with the test please excuse me" I said and walked out to get some test. Taemin followed right behind.

"You know, I don't think you should be getting so close to the patients, you may be giving them too much hope," Taemin said in a Serious tone. "I'm not getting too close, I'm just making sure they know that we are here to help," I said and grabbed the test. We walked back to the room and began the test. Right when I was going to put the needle in Taemin said, "Be careful," I rolled my eyes and continued. After I finished, I began to throw some things away and clean the area. Right when I turned around, the child began to have a seizure. Taemin pushed me back and told me to page Dr. L/N and Dr. Jeon, the mother was escorted out and before both doctors arrived, I was about to help Taemin but he said, "Get back, I gave you one task and you messed up. I can't believe you,... Sarah wouldn't have done this." That's when Dr. L/N walked in and asked me what had happened.

*Present Time*

"I-I-I". "She was drawing blood then he had a seizure," Taemin said and I walked out.

End of Mina POV:

Y/n's pov:

After Mina left I knew that something was up, " Alright jungkook, let's go get him to an OR". He nodded. "What do I do?" Taemin said. "Nothing, Just stay here until I get back. I need to find out what actually happened," I said and quickly went into the OR.

After a couple of hours, Dr. Min was able to remove a tumor and Jungkook was able to make sure nothing was wrong with his abdomen. The child would slowly get better but it would be a long process. Jungkook and I both went to the family and talked about the process and then we left. As I was about to head back to Mina and Taemin, Dr. Min stopped me. "Dr.L/N, can I speak to you for a moment,?" he asked. "Actually, I have to leave to something important, Im sorry excuse me," I said and left before he could say anything else. Yes, I was a bit ignoring him but I just didn't want him to say any more negative things. I walked to the office where I paged them both and saw that only Taemin was there. "Where is Mina?" I asked and sat down. "I don't know," he said. "What Happened, ?" I asked. He stayed quiet and then spoke, "To be honest, I don't know, I saw her draw blood and then looked to the left for a second then I saw that the child had the seizure," He said but seem liked he was hiding something. "Then what happened?" I said. "I said something I shouldn't have and now regret it." That's when Mina came in. " Mina .... I-" Taemin said. "Seems like you both need to talk, I will leave you to it, This better not happen again..." I said and walked out.

As I walked out, I heard my name being called, " Dr.L/N, Please I just want to talk." It was Dr. Min, " What is it,?" I said and he pulled me into an office. "Look Dr.Min I don't have time for this," I said and was about to walk out. "Look I just wanted to apologize. Im sorry for how I acted and hope you can forgive me," he said. " I'll make it up to you, I'll take you to a restaurant, and ill..." "It is fine I forgive you, You don't have to buy me dinner, an apology is enough," I said. He slightly smiled. "I insist, just dinner that's it, " he said. "Alright just let me know, I have to go. Oh but here's my number just so you can text me details," I said and smiled. "Alright, see you soon y/n," he said. Then I walked out and bumped into someone, "Im sorry," I looked up and saw Taehyung, Then he looked at me and yoongi. "Im sorry Tae I didn't see you, "I said he looked at both of us again and walked away. Why didn't he say anything, is he mad?

end of y/ns pov

Taehyungs POV:

I saw both yoongi and y/n both walk out of the same room smiling, I know shouldn't be jumping to conclusions but ugh. Why is she making my heartbeat this fast? Am I jealous? Nevermind I have to work.

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