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A/N: Hello everyone! Sorry, I have not updated yet, I just started a new job which meant I had to go each day this week for training. However, Thank you so much for all the support and patience. I really appreciate it. Also Thank you for all the views and votes, it means so much to me that you guys are reading and liking it. Thank you once again, and here is part 21 :)

October 31. (Yes I know it's not October but... I'm sorry lol)

Y/n's POV:

Halloween. The one night of the year people go out, dress up whatever they want to be, and have fun. Sometimes having too much fun can be very risky, which is why the E.R. becomes very busy during Halloween. Tonight both, Taehyung and I, decided that the both of us would work the whole day. It is currently 10:00 am and I was filling out paperwork with Janet. "This is the last one you need to sign, and here is the next patient chart," Janet said as she handed me the chart while I signed the document and handed it to her. "Thank you Janet and after I see this patient please send the signed documents to radiology," I said. "Yes, I will." She said smiling. I thanked her once again and went onto my next patient. This patient was a 7-year-old boy who seemed to be having a lot of stomach pain, "Good morning, my name is Dr.L/N, I will be your doctor for today, what seems to be going on?" I said as I began to give the boy a checkup. "This morning, he just woke up not wanting to eat and saying his stomach hurt and it began in the middle and now is in the lower right side." The mother said as the child look to be in a lot of pain. "alright, nick can you tell me exactly where it hurts." I said and the child pointed. "all right well I will have the nurse start an Iv and begin to do some lab work so we can quickly see what's going on. I will also call the pediatric surgeon so he can also take a look at him." I said. "thank you," the mother said and I excused myself and paged jungkook. Then I went back to filling documents.

I looked over at Taehyung and saw that he was giving a patient medication and discharge them. Once I saw him look in my direction I quickly looked away. Then I heard some footsteps and felt someone standing next to me. "Don't act like you weren't staring." He said chuckling. "I wasn't, I was looking at the vitals," I said. "For my patients?" he said. "Yes, double-checking couldn't hurt," I said and he nodded. "So what should we get for lunch?" he said. "I actually promised B/F/N we would get lunch," I said and he frowned. "Well, can I join?" he asked. "Nope. This is my only time I see her, we can get dinner later, okay?" I said and kissed his cheek and felt my pager go off. I told him I had to go and quickly went to the room my patient was in. "What's going on?!" I asked the nurses. "Dr. Jeon came in 30 minutes ago and said it was just the flu but the child has gotten worse. Here are the labs," she said as she handed me the lab results. "This isn't the stomach flu, this is appendicitis. How has his temperature change?" I asked the nurses. "It's slowly been increasing." That's when I paged Jackson, my intern for the day and, Jungkook. "Mam, I believe that his appendix is going to burst or has burst, we need to get him into surgery now, is that okay?" "yes, please, help him," she said as she had tears. She then kissed her child's forehead and that's when Jackson came in. "Please call the O.R. and tell them to prep for us," I said to the nurse who has to the side of me." she nodded and left. "Jackson, let's go. quickly and go ahead of me so you can scrub in first." I said and we both left.

During surgery, we had just removed his appendix. That's when Jungkook came in. "What happened?" he said as he put on gloves. "Well, you mistook this child's pain, symptoms, and labs for the stomach flu. It was appendicitis," I said as I began to close up. "That can't be possible," he said. "Well, that's what happened," I said. "You know what, I don't have time for this, I went out of my own surgery to help you, and instead you are just blaming me. Where were you? huh. I didn't see you at all when I was giving my consult." he said and began to take off his gloves. "What?! I was in the E.R the whole time. Plus, I was helping other patients. You are literally a pediatric surgeon. not to mention a really good one. What is going on?!" I said. "You want to know what's my problem. My problem is you. All you do is ask for my help and look at how I am treated. Next time, ask someone else the hospital has more pediatric surgeons." he said coldly and walked out. It hurt. I stopped stitching and took a deep breath. "Would you lie me to close up?" Jackson asked. "Yeah, I'll just watch...um.. to make sure you do everything well," I said and he nodded. For the rest of the surgery, It was quiet.

Once the child was out of surgery and in recovery, we notified the mother she thanked us. "I will take her to the room, Dr.L/N. You can go get your lunch." I thanked him and went to the cafeteria. I saw B/F/N, but she was talking to Hoseok so I decided to just go and sit in the playground area that they have for the parents and kids. I sat on a bench and looked at the sky. After my lunch break was over, I went back and went to the E.R . my day was not going very well and my afternoon shift hasn't begun.

End of y/n's POV

Taehyung's POV

I went to the cafeteria when it was lunchtime. I saw B/F/N sitting with Hoseok, Yoongi, and Seokjin. I went to join them. "Hey Everyone, um B/F/N, wasn't Y/N suppose to join you," I said. "Yeah, But she never joined. I haven't seen her," she said. "Would you like some?" Seokjin said as he handed me some of his food. I took it and began to eat. Soon Jackson, Y/n's intern joined us. "Hey have any of you seen Y/N?" He asked and we all shook our heads no. Then Jungkook came and sat down. He looked annoyed. "What's wrong?" Yoongi asked. He didn't respond. Then I heard Hoseok say "Oh look Y/Ns over there sitting at the playground benches, " I turned around, and there she was but she was staring at the sky and would look at the kids and parents as well. I was standing and the B/F/N stopped me. "Leave her be. She does this, she will tell you hats wrong but it's better to let her be, for now, trust me. she wants space." I sat down and looked at Jackson. "What happened in the O.R.?" I said. Then Jackson stood up like he was about to yell but took a deep breath instead and said. "Ask Jungkook, he knows exactly what happened." Then Jungkook stood up and left.

end of 21

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