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(Flashback In the middle of a fight)

Third person POV

Chat Noir watched as Ladybug caught the Akuma on her own. He knew she needed help but refused to help until she agreed to be with him. Ladybug knew she needed help but with her partner being childish she didn't know what to do. She watched as civilians were drowning and being drifted off in the flooded water from the Akuma. "I am Syren, Ladybug and Chat Noir give me your miraculous!" the akuma demanded Marinette shook my head no.

"CHAT NOIR HELP ME!" She yelled all he did was shake his head and say "Then agree" she glared at him. He's blackmailing her, either she dates him and gets his help or she doesn't and loses the battle along with her miraculous. Lately Chat Noir has become more pushy, he also came late to battles, wouldn't do any fighting, and would tell her how they were soulmates.

Ladybug did not accept that, they weren't soulmates she knows that. She doesn't like he she doesn't even like Adrien anymore. He was a spineless coward who only thought about how Lila would feel. "Take the high road" he said that did nothing but make things worse. So if he thought she'd give into his demand he was wrong she'd find other help. 

She quickly swung from building to building to Chloe's hotel. Landing on the balcony Chloe came out "Mar- ladybug what's going on?" she asked. Ladybug looked at her bestfriend yes her bestfriend after Lie-la came the two had became friends.

Ladybug opened her yo-yo and took a hair comb out. "Chloe this is the miraculous of the Bee, can I trust you to fight alongside me. You will keep the miraculous permanently and help in battles. So do you accept?" ladybug asked "Yes I do" Chloe took the hair comb and put it in her hair.

A bright light flashed as Pollen appeared "Hello my Queen" Chloe smiled and hugged the Kwami. "You'll need to create a new costume and name since everyone thinks you aren't a holder anymore" she agreed and transformed. Her suit being completely different, her hair was in a long braid, her suit was a mustard yellow with black streaks swirling around, and her mask was black and yellow.

With that being done she named herself "Honey Bee" and they set off back to the Akuma. When they got there Chat Noir was still sitting there this time dodging the Akuma. He spotted the two heroines and glared, he noticed that rather than agreeing she went and got a new holder. This angered him, why couldn't she just agree, he loved her.

He stopped dodging as the Akuma turned its attention the tell heroines. The Akuma began to fight them as Chat noir sat and watched on a roof.

(After the battle)

"Miraculous ladybug!" She shouted as all the danger was fixed. Civilians were back and no longer drowning, her and Chloe's injuries would need attending to. Once it was over Chat Noir left, the heroines heard the beeps of their miraculous as they went back to Chloe's.

They both de-transformed as Chloe went to get the first aid kit. "Thanks for giving me pollen back" Chloe said smiling. "You were getting her back anyways, you are the true holder after all" Chloe and Pollens face lit up.

(Fast forward to night time)

(A/N Marinette lives with Chloe since she was disowned)

Marinette and Chloe were packing for their two day trip to New York with Audrey in two days, when a black blob zoomed in. "Pig Tails" they both heard as Plagg floated in front of them. "Plagg what are you doing here? What's going on?" Marinette asked with worry.

"Please find me a new holder, my current one is not fit for the Black cat miraculous. He's become more aggressive, he's been plotting ways to get you to date him as ladybug, he's being careless and reckless, he's not fit to be a hero" Plagg finished as he looked at her with wide eyes

Tikki suddenly popped out of her hiding spot with Pollen "Plagg, has he done anything to you?" Tikki asked worry laced in her voice. Plagg kept quiet for a second before looking up at us. "He threw me across the room when he was mad earlier. He also stopped feeding me unless it was after he transformed" we all gasped

"Don't worry Plagg I'll get the miraculous , who's your owner?" Marinette asked looking at the Kwami. "Adrien Agreste" everyone's eyes widened Chloe spoke "That spineless brat" I nodded my head. Ok let's transform and go bed his ring, they both transformed. They swung around and ran across roof tops to the Agreste mansion with Plagg following.

"Plagg see if he's sleep" ladybug said as Plagg went to check he nodded. Both heroines jumped through the open window and walked over to a sleeping teen. A wreck less teen not worthy of being a hero anymore. She slowly slipped off the ring as Plagg was sucked into it. They went to leave that's when Adrien spoke "Ladybug? Honey Bee?" he said before looking at his finger.

His miraculous was gone he looked at the two then glared. "Give me back my miraculous" he said with a ice cold tone. "Adrien Agreste you are no longer got to wield the black cat miraculous or any miraculous. You're not fit to be a hero and you're w reckless. Have a good life Adrien Agreste, I'm disappointed in you." She sighed before jumped back through the window leaving an angry teen.

"You will regret this Ladybug" he said seething while clenching his fist repeatedly. Back at home the two teens de-transformed and gave their Kwami's their respective food. Marinette out the ring on as Plagg came out, "Thank you Kid" he said hugging her "Yore welcome Plagg, when you feel your new holder is around tell me." She said giving him his respective food as well. Everything was so crazy that day, time to face the devil and her sheep tomorrow.
Hey guys I'm back with another story, I hope you like it so far I'll be writing this one plus love keeps hurting me 2 at the same time. So enjoy this story guys !

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