About My Parents

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Marinette's POV
I woke up to a lot of voices, I was confused where was I? The last thing I remember is- oh....he.....I started crying softly hoping nobody would hear but they did. They all ran over to me the best friends I could ever ask for.

"Mari-hime you're okay" Kagami said hugging me "Are you okay what's wrong?" Kim asked as they all hugged me. "I-I why why did he-" I started crying again "Hey hey Mari-bug don't worry, he won't ever do it again I promise" Chloe said smiling at me. I gave a small smile back as I stopped crying.

"Mother said because of this situation we can come to New York early. We'll be leaving on the private jet tonight and we'll be coming back Thursday night" Chloe smiled I smiled back before looking down. Maybe it's time I tell them about my parents right?

"What's wrong dudette?" Nino asked as they all gave me looks of worry. I smiled at them "You know I love you guys right and I never wanted to lie to you?" they shook their heads confused. "Well I think it's time I told you my story" I said smiling. Everyone sat around me as I began to tell them the truth about me.

"Okay so my real name is not Marinette Dupain-Cheng it's Mari Quinzel. I'm the daughter of Harley Quinn and the Joker, but I was taken away from them by CPS when I was about four I believe. It's kind of fuzzy at this point, my parents gave me a burner phone to contact them. When I was told a couple already adopted me I wasn't happy in fact I was pissed. I was brought to Paris to live with Tom and Sabine, when I got there I didn't speak to them, I didn't look at them, I didn't acknowledge their presence." They all looked at me sadly I shook my head "don't look sad I'm fine"

"When they showed me my room it was pink with all types of different girly stuff around it. Honestly I hated it my colors were more along the lines of black and blue. The two didn't know who my real parents were, they just knew I was taken away from "unfit" parents. Before I got there I died my hair blue, I didn't want anyone knowing who my parents were." I smiled at the fact that soon I'll have my true hair color back

"My really hair color is blonde with red and blue tips just like Harley's. My eyes really are blue but sometimes they switch between green and blue. I made sure to text and call my parents every chance I got. I would stay up late talking to them because in the day Tom and Sabine were in my case. In fact they should be calling soon, by the way they do get into trouble every now and then but they don't kill or anything anymore." They all nodded their head at me and smiled.

"Ms.Bustier is actually the only one who knows about them because one day she saw me on the phone with them. She didn't judge me or anything she just smiled at me and spoke to them for a while. I told my parents about the liar and although they want to kill her I know we all do but I don't want anyone to go to jail. My parents don't dress how they used to they dress more casual and professional now. My mom is actually leader of the mafia in Gotham and my dad well he's a hit man. If you're wondering yes the bat-family knows about them but they aren't doing anything bad. They only go after bad people and such, because of them the grimace rate has actually decreased" I smiled again as I got up and went to the closet. I grabbed a bag filled with tons of different weapons. I also grabbed my motorcycle and car keys.

"They sent me a Lamborghini and a motorcycle on my 16th and 17th birthday. I was happy Chloe you didn't know about it because I got them to send it to the penthouse they got me not too long ago. It's actually not far from here, although my parents are close acquaintances with Batman and the vigilantes they don't speak about it. So yea I'll be getting the die out of my hair while we're in New York. So that's my story any questions?" I smiled after putting my bag of weapons back in the closet.

"Yea why are you telling us this now?" Nathaniel asked I looked down "I didn't want you guys to treat me different. Even though my parents are no longer criminals I'm still their child. I sometimes want to kill someone if they mess with me or my friends but I never have." they all looked at me sadly. "We would never judge because of your past, even if they were still criminals we know you aren't that's all that matters" Chloe said "Yea I mean sometimes we want to kill Lila and her sheep to but we haven't" Alix chimed in I laughed at them.

"Oh I also wanted to see if you guys wanted to stay at the penthouse when we get back Thursday night until the trip?" They all agreed before my laptop started ringing. I walked over to it and clicked answer instantly seeing my parents faces on the screen. "Hey Puddin/Hello my little bug" they both said I smiled at them "Hello mom and dad" they smiled back.

"So how was school?" I frowned and looked down at my feet. "What's wrong?" Mom asked in a worried tone "Something happened today with the spineless coward" I said as a tear slipped out of my eye. I felt everyone come and hug me as I wiped my face.

"Who are these little munchkins" my mom said I smiled before saying everyone's names. They all said hi before my parents asked about the situation at school. I looked at them before talking hoping to god they would burst out of fury.

"Well first I wanted to say I won't a trip to Gotham so I'll be there next Monday. So can you pick me and everyone else behind me up from the airport?" they nodded their heads and jumped around with excitement. "Okay we're done continue" mom said as I smiled at their enthusiasm. It's understandable when I haven't seen them in 13 years.

"It was the end of the day and I had a lot to pack so I told my friends to wait at the entrance of the school. I was almost done packing I was just giving Tikki and Plagg a cookie and you know Plagg's stinky cheese. Suddenly I heard the door lock and close, I looked over to see the coward their with a smile." A tear fell as Plagg came and wiped it. Him and Tikki hugged me then sat on my shoulders.

"He started off grabbing my wrists saying we belonged together. How Alya told him I loved him when that wasn't the case. Then he kissed me I tried moving I tried everything but I was low on energy. There was an Akuma but no one knew about it because as soon as I saw the Akuma transform I grabbed the picture he had and ripped it." I close my eyes and took a deep breath

"Plagg and Tikki wanted to help but I told them not to, as much as they wanted to I wouldn't allow them to be seen or Adrien to try and take Plagg back" I glared at my fists which were turning white from how hard I was clenching. I unclenched my hands and took a deep breath calming myself down.

"He kept kissing me then he touched me in a place he should've never touched me. I tried screaming out him squeezed that area and kissed me again to stop me from screaming. He pulled his pants off first and then mine and from that point he raped me. I was crying and when he stopped kissing me I screamed. He tried to stop me again but then we heard banging on the door he kept going not caring. Even when they finally got in he continued until they pulled him off me. He just smirked as our teachers walked ins choked and dragged him to the principals office." I was pissed and when I looked at the window I saw an Akuma flying towards me.

I took deep breaths in and out to avoid being Akumatized. I'm the only one in Paris who has never been Akumatized. Adrien was Akumatized not too long ago which explained why Chat Noir wasn't there at the battle. The Akuma went away as we all sighed with relief.

"Back to what I was saying, I was scared of anyone touching me or coming near me. The only people I've allowed to be near me is my friends right here." Chloe started talking "WHAT" she yelled we all turned to her confused. "What's wrong Queenie?" Luka asked her "Adrien won't be charged with sexual harassment because his dad paid them to drop the charges" my eyes widened I started crying as everyone hugged me.

"It's okay he won't come near you Melody" Luka said hugging me tighter. They all let go as I turned back to my parents "Long story short he raped me and now apparently his father paid them to drop the charges." I finished as their faces were followed with pure anger. "When are you guys coming to Gotham again?" Dad asked I told him and he walked off.

"Puddin you can't kill a kid" I heard my mom yell as I shrugged my shoulders. "Dad I don't want you to go to jail, you haven't seen me in 13 years do you really want to see me for the first time behind bars" I yelled he came back to the screen and started mumbling.

We all laughed as we said goodbye to my parents and got ready to go to sleep for a couple hours. It was only 6:30 we're leaving at 9. Audrey agreed for everyone else to come because she said I should have my friends with me to comfort me. Their parents already agreed and dropped their clothes off not too long ago. I'm happy to have them as my friends I don't think I would survived without them.
Hey everyone I'm about to write the next chapter I also ended my other book early. I didn't have anymore ideas for it but I have loads of ideas for this book. So I'll see you in the next chapter bye!

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