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Hey guysssss it's be a while and I've been working on other stories so go see them if you haven't yet but I'm here to ask a very important question

So I'm currently working on my TVD, twilight, and fem Harry story but I have multiple other stories drafted

A death note story, a hunterxhunter story since the first one was a poly and it was just doing too much, and a regular story not a fanfic at all

With that being said I'm also currently editing my twilight the bonds we have story so I can enter it in this years wattys so I'm changing things correcting things etc

I wanted to know if you guys wanted a rewrite of this less inexperienced since I wrote this like three years ago

It's all up to you guys I'll change the cover and everything but things will still go the same way just some slight changes

So let me know by responding to this or text me for anything else

Thanks for all the support! 

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