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Marinette's POV
This tour is really taking forever, Lila is still lying about the dumbest shit ever. Alya and the rest of our class are still her little followers. Don't get me started on how she tried flirting with Leo and Jamie. Everyone already knows to steer clear from anyone of my classmates.

"Hi Leo, I'm Lila what are you doing hanging with this bully?" she asked I sent her a look that said "Go away" she shivered a little but continued. "You know she once told me to jump off the Eiffel Tower" Leo and Jamie looked at me with a "Is she fucking serious look" I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Lila if you don't back away I'll push you off the Eiffel Tower, Obviously breaking your arm wasn't enough. Want me to break your jaw next?" I smirked at her she just backed away a little. "MARI STOP BULLYING LILA SHE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT NICE TO YOU" me and my friends laughed at that.

"WHATS SO FUNNY?" Alya screamed I stopped laughing and wiped the tears out of my eyes. "The reason you both have broken limbs is because you disrespected my parents. They haven't hurt a soul who hasn't deserved it since before I was born. So they couldn't hurt you not I could and I did. I'll do it again if you test my patience. Now back the fuck away from my cousins before I do it again." Then I have them an innocent smile.

"Your cousins? Since when do you have cousins?" Alya asked my smile dropped. "Since my aunt had kids dumbass" she narrowed her eyes at me I just yawned in response. "Okay I'm getting bored can we finish this tour" Barbara agreed. (A/N:Just so you know in this story because Joker and Harley are good Barbara isn't in a wheel chair)

We continued the tour until I had to go to the bathroom, I told my friends to just keep up and I'll find them when I was done. They agreed hesitantly but if anything happened I have my energy so I'd be fine. I was in the bathroom washing my hands when the door opened and locked. I turned around to see the one and only Adrien Agreste.

"What the hell do you want you rapist" I rolled my eyes he smirked and walked to me. I crossed my arms and glared at him, but as we remember I still flinch when certain people touch me. He grabbed my rust causing me to lose the ability to breathe properly.

In any case instead of how he approached before he went straight to pulling my pants down. Now I knew I had to get out but I couldn't he had injected me with something. By the time I pressed the emergency button it was too late, they were too late because by the time they came he had already left and I passed out.

Whatever he injected me with was strong, strong enough to make me pass out. I was immune to a lot of dangerous things such as that. Even my uncle scarecrow made me immune to his fear toxin. I have no idea what he injected me with and I was scared to find out.

The emergency button I pressed alerts my friends, parents, Miss Bustier, and the members from our group. My friends had waited inside keeping me safe until the rest of the members came. By the time they came I was already awake, they took so long because they were training. They had to do it at our other base due to earlier situation.

I know I should've been crying, I really should've but I didn't. It was like I numb to it, like it was a normal thing. This is the second time he had managed to go through with it fully. Now that I'm able to be the real me there was nothing stopping me.

When the members pulled up I got up and walked outside to meet them. They came rushing over to me as my class, Dick, Jason, Barbara, and the others in the area watched. "Q what's going on?" I just stared into space, I didn't know what to feel. Mateo started to lightly shake me "Q? Q? Mari?" He looked up at my friends. "What happened?" Some of them were crying "He did it again" Chloe pointed to Adrien.

"What, do you mean again? What the fuck did he do?!" Mateo voice raised. "Back before we left to come here he raped her, then on the plane when we got off he pulled her into the bathroom and tried to again, and he just did again a hour before you got here. He injected her with something that made her pass out when he was finished. We don't know what because she's immune to every Toxin" everyone just gasped, Adrien started yelling "I DID NOT RAPE HER SHE LIKED IT!"

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