Deaths & Jealousy

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Marinette's POV
Driving to the warehouse I was kind of pissed. I was also conflicted for so many reasons. Everyone not including my friends since they're with me, should be at the warehouse. As soon as we pulled up everyone came out to greet us. When they saw me take my helmet off and shake my hair due to helmet hair they all froze.

I eyed them suspiciously as they all turned red. Is this one of those moments when Chloe would call me oblivious? I guess Damian saw their reactions because he came over and put his arm around me. As soon as I got off the bike, I giggled at this.

I whispered in his ear "You know you look cute when you're jealous" he flushed red as I got out of his grip. I walked over to Mateo I could see everyone's confusion most of these people don't know me. They just know I came in to take over for mom and dad while they're gone.

"Are they okay?" I asked Mateo he just chuckled and said "Looks like you have a couple of admirers" I glared at him and pointed my finger at my throat and made a gagging sound. Mateo laughed at this as I did the same.

I jumped on his back and yelled "To the basement" and he walked to the basement careful not to drop me. When we got down there I allowed everyone else to come down as long as they didn't interfere.

"Hey guys" I smiled at them I could see their eyes were red and puffy. "Oh no why were you crying?" I asked with a overly sweet voice. Adrien glared at me as did Lila while Alya looked guilty. "Remember that truth serum I gave you guys?" They nodded "Well that was just a minor one, I have the other one here. This one will reveal everyone of your secrets. So get ready to finish off your stories before you go bye bye" I giggled it sent a shiver down everyone's spine.

Mateo walked over and gave the serum to all three of them. "Let's start with Lila again" she gulped in fear. "What did you do to Alya" everyone looked at me confused. "I- I- I took her to this place and got her hypnotized, she'd believe everything I said. She knew about my lies and she tried to tell everyone. Plus I knew if I had your best friend the rest of them would fall in line. So I took her to a guy in Paris, he was really sketchy but I needed my plan to work. Once he was finished he said the only way for her to come out of it was to say. 'Trixx lets pounce' since we knew Alya was Rena Rouge. She didn't have the miraculous anymore meaning no one would say it" and just like that I smirked.

I bent down in front of Lila and grabbed her chin. "So you used the transformation words to keep my former friend from being honest?" She nodded hesitantly. I got up super quick and walked over to Alya, I bent down again. "Alya?" She looked at me teary eyed, "Now that I know the truth don't worry I've got you, there's a reason I told them not to touch you. I knew something was off the minute you yelled at the twins, you would never do that." I smiled as she cried I hugged her.

"Trixx let's pounce" I uttered as Alya passed out. I got up again and walked to Adrien next, "Anything you'd like to share?" I asked him he smiled and said "Yea you have a nice ass" he smirked I rolled my eyes and kicked him in the stomach. I walked over to Mateo and whispered "Get her" he nodded and walked upstairs. "Get what?" Lila asked I gave her an innocent smile "You'll see" she cocked her head to the side.

Mateo came he held my gun which emits a bug like bomb in your body. It slowly torchers you until you die, it says you from the inside out. Eventually it travels to your brain and explodes blowing your brains out. I jumped up and hugged Mateo, "Thanks" I smiled and jumped down.

I grabbed the gun out of his hands "Q don't go crazy like last time we let you use it" he said I smirked. "I would never" I gave him an innocent smiled. All he did was sigh knowing what would happen. "Take Alya and put her on the couch upstairs until she wakes up" Jamie nodded his head and took her.

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