Winning The Contest

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Marinette's POV
It was Monday morning me and Chloe woke up to Tikki and Pollen yelling "AKUMA" in our ears. This alerted us making us jerk up immediately, only to find out it wasn't true. We both frowned and got out of bed getting ready for the day that'll be a pain in our asses.

As we took showers and got ready Tikki and Pollen pulled out matching outfits for us. It was a a yellow sweatsuit and a pink sweatsuit with white sneakers. As we were getting ready to leave I got a email notification. I instantly checked it thinking it was more than likely a new commission.

I mean I was MDC after all the famous designer, the honorary niece of Jagged Stone, oh and Lie-la's so called "Best Friend" such an idiotic lie. I opened her emails and saw it was from Bruce Wayne? When I read it I had a burst on energy from the excitement.

Chloe walked over to me to see what all the excitement was about until she saw the screen. I had won the class a trip to Gotham for the essay I turned in. The essay was on my classmates and the things they'd accomplished. While I barely said anything about myself I had tons to say about the people who bullied me. I only had a couple friends left at this point.

Chloe, Kagami, Luka, Kim, Nathaniel, Alix, Nino, and Marc. They never believed Lila's lies, Luka and Kagami transferred to their school to be closer to the group. When Alya started believing Lie-la and neglecting Nino he broke up with her.

Lie-la automatically told Alya it was because he was seeing me. Alya was pissed and smacked me, me being the new person I am grabbed her by her shirt and exchanged some words.

Of course no one saw me grab her they just thought I was crying. Like I said I've became cold and I don't necessarily put my hands on people. I have a glare that says "Don't fuck with me" and people usually back off. Anyways enough about that let's get back to present time.

Mr.Wayne asked me to tell him who she wanted to bring to first class, the suits, and you know basically friends. i emailed back "Chloe, Alix, Kagami, Luka, Nino, Kim, Nathaniel, and Marc" he emailed me back instantly, "Okay I will get that arranged please send your contact so I can be able to contact you easier" I did as he said and we were off to school with exciting news.

When we got to school we were happy to see all of our friends in front of the school, Despite me being a cold hearted former sunshine child I'm still the same person towards everyone but my class. It was refreshing not having to be nice anymore, I liked my friend group.

We walked into class and instantly saw everyone crowded around a lying bitch. Everyone instantly glared at me, "MARINETTE YOU BITCH WHY DID TELL LILA TO JUMP OFF THE EIFFEL TOWER" Alya yelled I raised an eyebrow. "When was this?" I said my tone composed but clearly showed annoyance.

"Y-yesterday y-you t-texted me and s-said n-no one loved me and to jump off the tower" she cried them crocodile tears. I looked at my friends as we burst out laughing, everyone glared at us "WHATS SO FUNNY" Rose yelled. We stopped laughing wiping our tears away, "Marihime doesn't have Lie-la's number" Kagami said laughing again.

Everyone looked at Lila as she started to make another lie on the spot. "Y-yes you do I h-have t-the messages" she stuttered, I glared at her "show me" I said. She looked at me then everyone and pulled out her phone going to the messages. The contact name was "My friend Marinette" we looked again and laughed.

The message said "Lie-la this is Marinette you're a stupid bitch and no one loves you. All you do is lie about every thing you have no connections or friends. Everyone just pity's you but deep down they all hate you. Everyone would be better off if you were dead, go kill yourself, matter of fact jump off the Eiffel Tower." with a laughing emoji and the end.

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