Aunt Ivy & Uncle Edward

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Marinette's POV
"MARINETTE DAMIAN GET UPPPP" I heard someone yell in a singy song voice. It was very annoying, I pretended to still be sleep. I am not doing this not right now at least it's 7:00 in the godamn morning.

I rolled over and put the covers over my head, "Tt I know you're not sleep" I jumped. I completely forgot Damian was in here got damnit why!!! "Ugh leave me aloneeee" I rolled over and put the blanket back over me.

He got up and pulled it off, the cold air came at me like a wave. I balled myself up it was cold as hell, why can't I just sleep. "Angel you need to get up" he said I glared at him then grabbed my throw blanket.

He sighed I was going back to sleep when I felt something jump on me. I took my cover off to reveal Apache, he started licking my face making me giggle. I grabbed the little fur ball and sat up on the bed, "you guys don't play fair" I pouted Damian laughed and Apache barked.

Damian went to change in the Bathroom while I got up and went to my walk in closet. I ended up wearing black biker shorts, a grey hooded crop top, and my white air forces. I walked out to see Damian wearing black jeans, a grey hoodie, a white T-shirt, and white air forces.

"Is there a reason you practically stole my whole outfit?" I asked he looked at me "Tt I should be asking you that question" I glared at him as Apache ran over to me. I picked him up and walked to my closet again hugging the tiny dog. I grabbed his grey hoodie mom bought him, he looked so cute with it on.

I walked over to the mirror so he could see his adorable little hoodie. I'm guessing he liked it because he barked and wagged his tail. I felt Damian come behind me and hug me as I held Apache. He smiled and kissed my cheek as Apache licked my face.

"Can we bring him with us please" I pleaded as me and Apache gave him the puppy dog eyes. He groaned "Fine, but you have to grab his leash and put him in his travel bag" I jumped up and down excited. I kissed his cheek as Apache jumped off me and licked him. It's not everyday you see him laugh but he's so cute when he does.

"You know you look so cute" I said booping his nose. He looked at me "I'm not cute I'm hot" he smirked I narrowed my eyes. "Remind me to never compliment you because you're annoying" I said as I walked to get Apaches travel bag.

Damian took Apache and went downstairs I woke up the Kwami's and went downstairs as they followed behind me. "Hey I have his bag" I ran to Damian so I could grab Apache, he's clearly a ball of energy.

We all ate breakfast and got ready to leave, me and Chloe decided to take our bikes again so I gave Apache to Damian. "If anything happens to my dog we're over!" I pointed my finger at him. "Don't worry I'll take care of our son" he smirked as I glared at him. "Ohh you guys have a son?" Marc said teasingly which surprised me because Marc never does that.

"No we do-" I was cut off by Damian kissing me, "You know that won't always work you demon" I walked away to my bike. "Bye babe see you there" Nino yelled to Chloe, she waved at him.

The house is about thirty minutes away from the Botanical Garden on a motorcycle and 40 away in a car. So it'll take us a while but I liked having the wind in my hair, I had to change it since I had helmet hair yesterday. It ruined my hair so today I just left my hair straight.

30 minutes later we pulled up in front of the Garden just as our class got off. Dick and Jason pulled up next I waved at Alfred and hugged Dick and Jason. Ten minutes later the rest of our friend group pulled up along with mom and dad who have a mission today. "Hey puddin we have a mission tonight so we won't be home until tomorrow morning" they hugged me "If something goes wrong press your emergency button and I will be there in less the a minute!" they smiled at me

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