First Day Back

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Bruce Wayne's POV
I was looking at the email from the contest winner, she has a good amount of friends. I looked into her and checked all the information about her. They claim she has a bullying habit of one specific girl. Which makes no sense because she said nice things about everyone in her class.

I would have to see about that when they get here, I left my office and went downstairs for dinner. I saw everyone at the table as I sat down to eat. "Okay guys do the French class will be coming Monday afternoon. The winner of the contest is this girl her name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng" I showed them a picture of her.

"Awl she's adorable she's like a little blueberry" Duck said which made us laugh. We looked at Damian and he was red, was he blushing? "Oh guys look demon spawns blushing" Jason said laughing at Damian. "Tt shut up before I cut out your tongue and feed it to Titus" I shook my head. They continued teasing him before I stopped them so I could finish.

"They'll be here for two months one month will be them touring and more the other they will be attending Damian's school. It says she has a record of bullying a girl named Lila Rossi which I do not believe because she's a straight A student, class President, helps with all school activities, and more outstanding things." they all looked at each other confused. "I will invite her to dinner Monday night along with one of her friends to figure out what's going on" I said as they all nodded.

"Damian we'll need you to translate since no one knows French. Only her, Chloe, Alix, Kagami, Nino, Kim, Nathaniel , Marc, Luka, and Adrien know English fluently. It seems she also speaks Mandarin, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Italian." They all looked at me shocked. "Jesus all of that?" Tim said "yes she quite outstanding" I finished as we ate.

Marinette's POV
It's Thursday night we're finally back in Paris, don't get me wrong New York was fun. With the situation with Adrien anyone who went near me made me flinch or cower in a corner. Didn't matter whether it was a male or female I was scared beyond anything.

The nightmares didn't help, I kept having the same one on repeat. That day kept constantly replaying in my head, every day for the last couple days. I woke up in swear every night crying, I got all of my emotions out while we were in New York. I didn't have to hold them in since Hawkmoth wasn't around.

Now I'm back home with my friends at my penthouse. They were really excited to see it, their eyes widened when they saw the penthouse. Since there was only two rooms we did boys in one girls in the other. Since there's five boys and four girls me and the girls could all fit in the bed. The boys had a bed that was the same so they'd be fine.

I didn't have a queen I had basically two queens out together my room was big. Both rooms had their own bathroom and other things. We decided to watch tv in the living room, I never really stayed here unless I wanted to. Since I'm underage I can't live alone I only came here when I needed to get away for a while.

It was about 10:00 we were all getting ready for bed, me and the guys decided to play UMS3 and I won as always. We went to go to sleep and we were all comfortable in bed with our own space. We slowly went to sleep not excited for the next day.

(4:00 AM)

I jumped up straight in the bed sweating excessively, I started crying and shaking. Why? Why did he do this to me? It was my fault wasn't it? It's all my fault. It's because I had a skirt on, I didn't try hard enough, I should've tried. Plagg and Tikki came over to me and wiped away my tears.

"Don't worry Mari everything will be okay" Tikki smiled I laid back down to go back to sleep. I missed the worried glances form Tikki and Plagg.

(7:00 AM)

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