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Marinette's POV
It's now Monday morning me and the gang were getting ready we all wore matching outfits. Don't ask me why we're all matching we just find it more fun. Me and the girls wore black leggings, black ankle heeled boots, a navy blue t-shirt with a hoodie over top. The guys wore black jeans, a navy blue t-shirt, black high top bikes, and a hoodie.

We had to meet everyone at the airport so we did the same thing we did before. We put everything in the car and took the car and motorcycles again. If you're wondering where they'll go, mom arranged for my car and bikes to be sent to Gotham. We pulled up in front of the airport as we took our luggage out to make it to the gate.

I gave the keys to the guy who will be sending over my bikes and car. We made it over to the gate after running around for god knows how long. We walked over to see Alya yelling at the gate attendant. We asked Miss Bustier what was going on, "Lila was crying because they couldn't find the tickets under her name so Alya's yelling saying it's a mistake. I decided to wait for you to come and get the tickets. It'll be funny to see her come up with a story when the tickets have your names on them." She laughed as we stifled our laughter.

I walked up to the lady and shoved Alya out of the way into Lila. She called me a bully and blah, blah, blah I spoke to the lady. "Hi I'm sorry you had to deal with that waste of space. You can look under the name Marinette the tickets should pop up." I smiled at the lady as she looked and found the tickets. She smiled at me handing me my tickets and saying "there are 9 first class tickets the rest are regular."

I smiled at her and walked over to everyone I gave my friends their tickets first then everyone else theirs. That's when the crocodile tears started "Marinette took my first class tickets" she lied I glared at her. "MARINETTE GIVE LILA HER TICKETS" Alya yelled everyone started calling me a bully and whatever.

"Lila how could I steal your tickets if our names are on them you idiot." I smiled as they all looked at their tickets. "You must have switched them" Lila said the lady spoke. "There's no way to switch tickets all tickets are made through the system which no one can get into" she smiled at me.

Alya walked over and tried me again after I warned her so I grabbed her wrist. Then I punched her in the gut and leaned down and whispered "I wanted you bitch" I got up. My friends laughed as Miss Bustier tried not to, I'd laugh too.

"Marinette why would you punch Alya" the coward said as he grabbed my wrist. I flinched which I knew everyone saw, that's when I started hyperventilating. I tried to calm down but it didn't work, "L-let g-go" I stuttered. All he said was "if you would've just taken the high road none of this would be happening" he still held my wrist I fell to the floor.

My friends ran over and pulled him off me, he didn't want to let go. I was still hyperventilating it wouldn't stop, Chloe and Alix came I tried to calm me down. Why wouldn't he just let go, isn't what he did bad enough. They finally got him off after Kagami threatened to stab him with he katana. Everyone just stared at me some worried, some confused, some not caring, others were a mix of not knowing what to think or do.

Miss Bustier ran over to me "Marinette are you okay?" I didn't flinch when she grabbed my hand. I know I can trust Miss Bustier she has been here for me and my friends since the beginning. My breathing finally calmed down "I-Im fine" I said as they helped me up. "Can we just go, I want to see my parents" I said they all nodded as we got on the plane.

(8 hours later)

"Marinette wake up" I groaned and opened my eyes looking around seeing my friends. "We're here Mari" Alix said smiling. I smiled at my friends I told them to go on I'd be out once I grabbed my bag. It got stuck under the seat. I had finally grabbed it and was walking off when I was pulled into the bathroom.

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