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Marinette's POV
After the whole thing with bat computer and such we were about to conclude Hawkmoth was Gabriel Agreste. Now we just had to figure out a plan for when we get back he's getting stronger.we were going to go home but Bruce insisted we stayed. Since some people were couples there'd be enough rooms.

Marc & Nathaniel, Kim & Alix, Luka & Kagami, Nino & Chloe (Don't ask), then me by myself which I was grateful for. I was on way to sleep when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to reveal the youngest Wayne, "Um hello?" I said he seemed hesitant "Can I come in?" he asked I thought for a second then nodded. He came in and sat on the bed I closed the door he looked up into my eyes.

His eyes were green not like Adrien's a green that was actually beautiful. I could stare at them for hours but we both snapped out. Our faces turning red instantly, well this is new. I began to speak "ahem so what's up?" I asked he looked at me.

"I- I wanted to do something but didn't want to make you scared or uncomfortable" he looked down I thought. "Wait does he also want to kiss me?" I looked at him and asked what he was talking about.

"Well your the first I've met who didn't instantly come after me because of my money or status. You know about me being a former assassin and didn't judge me for it. You're just as cold as me unless it comes to family and friends. You're like my perfect match and it's scary honestly." I looked at him and cocked my head to the side.

"Although that's true I still don't understand what you wanted to do Mr.Ice Prince" I giggled at the name and he smiled? Huh? Since when does he smoke, hm. "If I kiss you will you pull away. Will I make you scared or uncomfortable?" I looked at him and shook my head no.

He looked into my eyes and leaned in slowly, I met him halfway as our lips touched. At first it was slowly but it was a passionate kiss he wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck. Soon we had to pull away for the thing we call oxygen. I smiled as he smiled back then hugged me that's when Plagg and Tikki zoomed out.

"Guess what kid?" Plagg said I looked at him "What is it?" I asked. "I found the rightful owner to wear my miraculou" he said smiling. Tikki smile next to hin "who is it?" I asked he looked at Damian. "Mr.Ice Prince over here" he said flying in front of Damian.

"You're the true holder of the black cat miraculous." Plagg said excitedly. "Am I the only one who can sense the Lazarus Pit?" I asked Damian looked at me. "How do you know about the Lazarus Pit?" I raised my eyebrow. "As guardian I have to know everything. I gained the ability to sense dark magic or energy. The Lazarus Pit is the strongest one, judging by your reaction you were in it. So when did you die?" I asked him

He looked at the ground then me "It was years ago, I don't exactly remember everything but I came back different. Colder than I originally was, I don't know" he frowned I hugged him hesitantly. He hugged back instantly that's when I asked Plagg "Are you positive?" He nodded his head.

I sighed and took off the ring that was on my finger. "Damian Al-Ghul Wayne, this is the miraculous of the black cat. You will use this to help the greater hood and be a permanent holder. Do you accept this?" He looked at me the Plagg then the ring. "I accept" he took the ring and put it on.

There was a flash of white light surrounding me and Damian when I looked at Tikki she smiled. The light disappeared and Tikki and Plagg both clapped and spun around happily. "What just happened?" I asked they stopped and smiled

"Well one me and Plagg have finally found our true holders which has only happened two other times. Second the flash of white light means that you two are soulmates" Tikki smiled as Kaalki came out and joined the excitement. I just looked at them like they were crazy, "Those exist?" Damian asked.

Tikki and Plagg nodded "We haven't had a pair of soulmates in years. It's only happened once since the beginning of time. Not even just that but soon enough you'll find out one of the best things about being a true holder!!" Plagg said I looked at Damian then he looked at me.

"Do you actually believe this?" I asked him he was hesitant but nodded. "Okay I'm too tired for this I'm going to bed" I said I was not doing this tonight. I told Damian he could sleep in here if he wanted to didn't really care.

(Time Skip to morning time)

I heard a camera click I opened my eyes and turned over to see all my friends plus Damian's brothers taking pictures. What the hell I tried to get up but was pulled back by Damian. They all laughed I was sick of this crap, I grabbed a couple of my stars and threw them.

"Hey that was uncalled for me" Dick said "You know what else is uncalled for you guys taking pictures" I glared at them they stepped back a little. "Masters and misses breakfast is ready" Alfred said "Thank you Alfred" I replied he smiled. "You have some explaining to do" Chloe said I groaned as the door closed.

"I know you aren't sleep" I said as his head popped up "Yea but it was funny watching you deal with them" he said yawning I glared at him. I went to get up but he just pulled me back down and tried to kiss me. I turned me head to the side making him kiss my cheek.

"Are you really mad?" I ignored him "Oh come it wasn't that serious" I glare at him. "Ugh fine I'm sorry" I smiled then he tried to kiss me again put I pushed his face away with my finger. "Go get dressed we have to leave soon" he groaned but got up. "I'll meet you in the hall" I nodded and went to get ready.

I put my hair in a half up half down style, I wore black skinny jeans, a red tank top, black knee high boots, and my black leather jacket. The Kwami's went in my pockets and I went to the hallway.

Damian was already there waiting for me "You ready Angel" I looked at him "Angel?" he nodded "You look an Angel" I giggled and gave him a quick peck then walked to the dinning room. When we walked everybody looked at us I just sat down like nothing happened Damian did the same.

"So your just not going to explain?" Jason asked I raised my eyebrow. "Explain what?" I asked I hummed and continued eating Alfred gave the Kwami's food as well.

"Ah actually we do have one thing to say" I yawned "Damian is the true holder of the black cat miraculous" everyone looked at Damian he just shrugged his shoulders. "That's all?" That's when Tikki spoke "And they're both soulmates" I glared at her and she shrugged her shoulders.

"WHAT?" Is all everyone said "Oh look at the time don't we have to go to the museum? Yea I think we do let's go guys" I jumped out of my seat and ran to the garage. Alfred gave me food for the Kwami's on the way out I hope on my bike. I was ready to go I did not feeling being questioned.
Hmm honestly I wanted to write more but I named this chapter soulmates. So I decided not to but anyways. What do you guys think about then bring soulmates? What do you think will happen next? Writing the next chapter now

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