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Marinette's POV
"Guys you don't need your suits for this, you have your abilities outside of your suit you know" everyone looked at me and said "Oh" I shove my head at them.

Tonight was the night we'd go check out The Scorpions bases. "Okay I hope you all dress be dressed in the outfit I gave you" I turned around to see them all wearing the outfits. Mine was different since I was leader, mine looked kind of like cat woman's outfit but it was zipped up more and didn't have goggles. It had a assassin like mask to block everything but my eyes, I also had a hood attached to my outfit.

The boys had black combat pants, a black combat shirt with a hood, with black combat shoes. The girls had the same thing except their pants were tighter, they also had hoods and everyone had the assail masks.

Me. Mateo, Mason, and Sophia were at the base where the tracker was last at while everyone else were in their groups. We had our comms in so I started speaking "Sparrow what's the situation inside?" Sparrow is Jamie while Eagle is Leo.

"There's 4 people out front, 4 in the back, 2 on each side of the building, 4 snipers on the roof in each corner, I see 10 people on the second floor, 20 on the first, 2 people in the office, and 3 people in the basement one of them is locked in a cell" I couldn't believe what I was being told.

"Okay that's a lot but it seems to be their main base, and they still haven't found the tracker. Okay what about the others how many in total in each base?" The comms went quiet for a second before Eagle spoke

"So the medium sized base has 15 people in total while the smallest has 10" hm that's not so bad. "Okay guys we're moving in to check it out, everyone be careful still to the shadows if someone gets suspicious use your invisibility got it?" They all agreed as I turned to my team.

"Okay Echo, Hawk & Shadow you guys ready?" They all nodded as we ran and jumped across the next rooftop. "Can't they hear our footsteps?" Viper asked I answered through our comms. "No I made sure of that so don't worry" I continued with my team.

"Okay guys they can't hear us, see us, or anything else let's go to the window down there" I pointed to the open window on the edge of the building. We jumped over and looked through and like Eagle and Sparrow said there were a lot of people. "Let's climb through to see if Marcel is here, then we need to check the basement to seen if there's a prisoner" we jumped through the window landing on a ceiling beam.

We slowly crept across the beam as the office came into vision. "Okay guys you check for the prisoner I'll go see what they're doing" they nodded and left. I slowly jumped to each beam and sat on top of the office wall. Looks like they're planning something but what.

"Boss, won't the girl Mari kill us id we do this?" a soldier asked. "She's not strong enough to do anything, besides we need to do this while Harley and Joker are gone. She's a little girl what could she possibly do." I smirked at them I can do more than you think or know. "Okay boss when are we doing this?" the same soldier asked "Two days from now at 10:00 PM, if I'm not mistaken my sister says they train at that time every Wednesday." I guess he still doesn't know she's dead.

"How?" another soldier asked while I had the same thought. "We'll be sneaking over to their other base and killing Mari, we have to make sure she's alone and no one will see it. Once she's gone no one will suspect we did it." they all laughed and nodded praising the idiot.

"We'll it looks like we have to change the time limit for our plan now don't we." I said through the comms. "Looks like it Bug" I smiled he doesn't even know what's coming. "Echo, Hawk, Shadow did you find anything?" I jumped back to the ceiling beam.

"Yea there's a girl in here she looks around 5, do you want us to grab her?" I thought about it. "No leave her, put one of the mini cameras in there. We're moving the plan to tomorrow so we'll get her then." the agreed, "How does she look?" Eagle asked "ashes not good, she has cuts all over her, a bloody nose, a gash in her head, looks like a broken arm, I don't know how long she'll last" I thought about it maybe leaving her isn't a good idea.

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