We Have A Surprise

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Marinette's POV
After that whole situation we went home, mom and dad said they had a surprise for me. They said they'd give it to me later since a lot went on today. I went to my room which was huge by the way and went to take a nap.

I was almost sleep when Dami walked in and just invited himself in my bed. "Oh so no hey Angel can I come in your, hey can I sleep in your bed? Just invite yourself in" I narrowed my eyes at him then said "Tt Nevermind I'll just leave then" he went to get up and I pulled him back down.

"I was just joking" I pouted he laughed at me and then got under the covers next to me. I was slowly drifting off when I felt him pull me into him. If I were to die right now honestly I'd die happy.

Damian's POV
After watching Angel today I can proudly say I am so happy she is my girlfriend. She doesn't care about my past, my status, my hobbies or anything. She understanding and caring and likes me for me. I haven't even known her 24 hours yet she's already my girlfriend. I've already fallen for the girl in front of me, the girl I'd like to stay with forever.

In the beginning I didn't want to admit that I was slowly started to like her. When she came over to dinner and we saw everything that went on I ended up falling in love with her. She understands the things I've been through and she's been through similar situations.

She has the same personality as me, she Carrie's katanas just like me, she doesn't hesitate to harm anyone who harms her friends or family exactly like me. If this is a dream I don't want to wake up, I've found the love of my life and best friend in one person.

I watched as she slowly fell asleep Tikki, Plagg, and Kaalki came over to us an two hours later. "Is she asleep?" Plagg asked I nodded my head in response. "Good because we have a problem" I looked at Plagg confused. "Because she's the guardian now it means she's also the great guardian, not to long ago the temple reappeared and as you should know the league or assassins and the guardians are enemies." he looked at me with worry.

"Okay? So what does that mean?" I asked as Tikki started speaking. "It means that the guardians at the temple and the league of assassins made a deal." Tikki looked at Angel worried. Before I could speak Kaalki spoke "The deal was the the successors will get married or in the leagues term 'bound' Talia is planning to kidnap the both of you and force both of you." Kaalki looked at Mari as her eyes got teary

"The guardians are the ones who came up with the deal because if they didn't find a way to stop the war they'd all die. They know Mari will agree because she doesn't want anyone to die. She knows it'll be the end for everyone in the temple." Plagg finished I was pissed they're taking advantage of Angels kindness.

"You know I don't appreciate them using me to saving their asses" Angel said as she woke up. "Angel how much did you hear?" I asked "All of it" she stretched and yawned. "How do you feel about it?" I asked her as the Kwami's came and hugged her.

She looked at me "I don't mind I mean you were planning on marrying me in the future right?" She said teasingly as she moved closer. I got flustered and my cheeks were the color of her suit.

"I- what y-yea of c-course I was I-I'm just saying I I don't w-want you to b-be for-forced" I stuttered she giggled and kissed me. She pulled away "I'm not being forced I mean I don't appreciate being used but this comes with being guardian responsibility. Plus I get to marry you earlier than expected"

She looked up at me with her innocent signature smile. That made me smile back in return, I wanted to ask her properly. Instead we have to be forced because the monks want to save their asses.

Marinette's POV
I don't appreciate my kindness being used like that. Don't get me wrong I have no objections with marrying Damian. He is my soulmate after all, he hugged then the door burst open.

"Jesus guys did you forget knocking exists?" I asked as Chloe rolled her eyes. "No but we could wait come look at your surprise" they all jumped up and down.

I groaned and got out of bed, I hate it here ughh. "Oh come on Mari you love surprises" Alix said bouncing around like a child. "Yea but I love sleep more" I responded as Damian put his around my shoulder.

Everyone stopped and looked at us "Wait you were in here this whole time?" Kim asked Dami nodded. They looked between us "Explanation after you see your surprise" Chloe said point at us. "Come Mari don't forget you boyfriend" Alix teased "He's not my mph" this little Demon kissed me then pulled away.

And it wasn't even a peck or anything it was a long godamn kiss. I covered my face with my hands turning redder than Nate's hair. "I am her boyfriend" he put his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. He pulled my hands off my face in the process I heard the click of a camera.

"Chloeeee whyyy" I whined as sat on the floor covering my face again. They all laughed I just poured why do I always have to be embarrassed. "I'm sorry Angel" he said as everyone stared at him "Angel?" Kagami questioned. "Ohhh you have nicknames how cute" Nino teased, "okay okay come on Melody" I turned away from them.

I refuse to get up off this spot, they're all so mean ughh. I was then picked up and thrown over Damian's shoulder. "You demon put me down" I said punching his back as everybody laughed.

"Nothing about this is funny" I whined when we got to the living room everyone sat down. Damian sat on the single person chair and pulled on his lap. I crossed my arms and turned me head upwards. "I hate all 9 of you gremlins" I said as they laughed again.

My mom and dad walked in "All puddin you two look adorable" my mom said I just groaned in frustration. "This surprise better be worth the embarrassment" I said looking at the book in the middle of the living room. "How about you open it and see" my dad said I looked at them then the box.

I got up and walked over to the box as soon as I opened a puppy jumped on me. "Oh my god it's adorable!" I squealed in excitement. "We knew you'd like it" the both said as the puppy licked my face.

They got me a poodle except this one was the kind that don't get very big. It was all black with a blue color that said 'Apache' the name was unique. I picked him up off me and held him in my arms.

Damian came over to me and wrapped his arms around me and the puppy. I just looked at him and smiled, my mom came in front of us and said "Say cheese love birds" I looked down at the puppy and smiled.

"Awl you guys are so cute together" Chloe said taking a picture of us. He kissed my cheek as we got up, "Oh guys it's 10:00 you're going to the Botanical Garden tomorrow. Pam will be there so you guys can see her" my eyes lit up hearing I'll see my aunt.

Everyone said goodnight to each other as we all went to bed. Me and Damian took showers and got ready for bed, I made a bed for Tikki, Plagg, and Kaalki. Apache slept in the bed with me and Damian, he was so cute. We played with the little puppy for a little with the Kwami's and eventually went to sleep.

We did put a bed out for Apache in case he wanted to get off the bed though. Apache slept on the pillow between me and Damian as Damian wrapped his arms around me as we went to sleep.

I'm excited to see Aunt Pam tomorrow, we also get to go to a restaurant at the end of the night. So far this trip has been perfect I finally got to kick ass. We do have to go to the league of Assassins and get this over with. Talia doesn't know we know so the element of surprise is perfect.
I hope you all liked this Daminette chapter. I've been writing all day and night now that I think about it. I started this story about two days I ago I think. I'm completely invested in it mostly because it's Daminette. My other story was supposed to be Daminette but it was less Daminette and more saving other people and getting hurt. Anyways I'm about to write the next chapter no see you guys!

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