Meetings & Kisses?

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Marinette's POV
Exactly 6:00 I thought to myself as I got off my bike. I put my helmet under my arm as I walked into the base. As soon as I opened the door I saw Mason and jumped on his back. I have a problem when it comes to getting on people's back.

"Hey Q, what's up?" He looked over his shoulder at me smiling. I smiled back "Just wanted to both you May" I giggled before my phone rung. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Gabriel.

"Hey Gabe what's up?" I asked he responded instantly "Ah Mari, I wanted to know if you felt like co-hosting a fashion show with me next week?" I put my finger on my chin thinking. Mason started walking to the meeting area as I responded.

"Yea next week should be fine, I'll use my fall fashion line" he agreed and said he'd send me the other details later. "Oh and before I go I wanted to tell you we have a present for you. It's something I know you'll like it's being shipped over as we speak. Now I'll speak to you later, goodbye Mari" he hung up after that.

I smiled and put my phone away, Mason sat me down on the bar and sat on the stool next to me. Mateo sat on the other side while I let crossed my legs as they dangled over the counter.

"Okay guys so we're here because a couple of days ago some of us went to retrieve the shipment from the Scorpions. I knew something was off about them so I placed a tracker on Marcel. He's over in the East Side of Gotham, a couple days ago I was training Leo and Jamie when a sniper tried to attack us. I got to him first then what was in two days ago? The Scorpions shot at us while we were driving here on our bikes. I killed the two but it caused my to lose a lot of blood, either way I've decided that they will soon be over." Everyone nodded in agreement

I got back on Masons back as we walked through double doors inside held a long rounded meeting table. The table itself held over 25 people, in front of the table was a projector. Obviously I'd be at the end of the table where the projector was, Mateo would be at the other end. The only reason Damian can't be at that end is because Mateo is my right hand.

Mason dropped me in front of the chair and I sat down, he sat two seats away from me. I waited for everyone to be settled in before starting.

"Okay everyone the reason we're here is because we're making a plan to end the Scorpions once and for all. If you can all take a look at the projector behind me you'll see three circles. This circle is the East side of Gotham where the tracker was last at, this is the North side their smallest base, and this is the west side their second biggest base" I span my chair back around to look at everyone.

"Here's what we're going to do, first we need to check out the place the tracker is at. That's more than likely their main base. I'll send a group of six in case of anything. Mateo, Mason, Sophia welcome back by the way love." She smiled at me and blew me a kiss, I just giggled at her usual gesture.

"You three will be with me, Damian, Nino, Luka, Kim, Nathaniel, and Marc you will be in group checking out the other base. Chloe, Alya, Leo, Kagami, Jessica, and Alix you will take their shipment area. Jamie and Leo you will in the control room you know what to do" they nodded their heads as I continued.

"Okay everyone else, you will be training and be on standby in case anything goes wrong. If anything goes wrong I use this to get to us." I handed them a ball, the ball was made by Kaalki to make a portal. "Don't worry we won't be doing this tonight since it's a brand new plan, we will check everything out tomorrow. My parents are on a mission and they don't know when they'll be back. They said to do the mission without them but make sure we think it through" everyone looked at each other than at me.

Sophia walked over and picked me up slinging me on her back. I'm extremely short and light Sophia is about 5'8 while I'm barely 5'0 (A/N:I think I said she was 5'4 at some point I didn't mean to 😕) we ran to the lounge area and sat on the couch. The bartender brung a bottle of Patron and poured us shot after shot. We both have high tolerances but once the second bottle was gone we were almost there.

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