The Funeral

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Third Person POV
"Dearly beloved we gather here to do to honor the death of a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend and so much more. No one ever expected a young girl to die at the age of 17. We will all hold her in our hearts, she will forever be loved. If there's anyone who would like to speak I encourage you to come up."

Chloe walks to the stand to speak "Hello everyone, today is a hard day for everyone. Today I say goodbye to my sister, my best friend, and so much more. She was not supposed to go so early in life, I thought we'd have more time together. I swear if I could have saved her I would've. I swear I will forever carry her with me, we will all live for her. That's what she would've wanted it." she runs off in tears being comforted my Nino.

Next is Alya "Hi everyone, today I'm saying goodbye to the person I just got back not even a week ago. I love her so much and she has always been here for me through everything. She saw through the spell I was under, she saved me from a liar. The way she passed makes me angry, and I will avenge her for this. For now though, it's time to say goodbye to my sister and best friend. I'd love could have saved you I promise you wouldn't have died. If I could I would've have gone with you but you'd be so mad at me." Everyone laughed at that "But regardless I will always love you, goodbye" and with that she walked off as Leo hugged her.

Joker and Harley walked up "We've had our daughter back for not even a month. She's now gone and I wish it was me instead of her. Why someone would hurt the sunshine of Gotham is beyond me. She lit everyone's world up, she was the cause of so many smiles. She slowly made Gotham a better place, so safe and bright. We will never get to see her bluebell, emerald, or ruby colored eyes. We will never get to see her graduate or become a big designer than she was. One thing was sure though, she was happy, she wouldn't want us to be sad. We may have lost her but she is looking at us right now. I know for a fact she's smiling, even at her own funeral she's happy. That hand you guys feel on your shoulder is her, we'll all be okay. For today we'll be vulnerable, today we will be sad, tomorrow we will plan. The Scorpions took a life from us, the heart of all of us. We will finish them off for Mari! Harley finished as they walked off.

There were others who were too upset to speak in front of everyone but he knew he had to speak. So he walked up to the stand tears clearly glistening my refusing to fall.

"My Angel was killed not long ago, she saved her friends and lost her life in the process. She was the most courageous of everyone in this room. She left way to early, and I'm mad we didn't have the chance to go through will the plans we made. We never got married, graduated, has kids, or got that hamster and big house you wanted. We were supposed to all of that together and now we can't. I wish I really do wish I could've gone with you. As much as I want to be with you I can't. Even though I want you don't here with me you can't be. I promise I will take your place as Guardian, you have nothing to worry about. They're all good in me and everyone else's hands. I will live for you, and I will be with you soon. For now please stick with me, I don't want to live this life alone. I will kill every single one of those people in that worthless low class gang. You died protecting the ones you loved and that is so you. We all love you and we'll live for you." and Damian Al Ghul Wayne walked off the stage.

The casket was then closed as everyone said their goodbyes. Flowers placed on the top as it was carefully placed into the big marble wall with her name on it. They would all visit her whenever they wanted, the wall was placed in a private garden. They surrounded her with the things she loved just as much as designing. With her in it the flowers would still blossom no matter what.

Mari Rosella Quinzel died September 25, 2017 and she will always be remembered. As MDC the famous fashion designer, Ladybug and BlackHeart the heroine of both Gotham and Paris, the honorary niece of Jagged and Penny Stone, the honorary cousin of Clara Nightgale, Honorary daughter of Nathalie and Gabriel Agreste, Soulmate of Damian Al Ghul Wayne, best friend of Chloe And Alya, Sister is Nino, Alix, Luka, Nathaniel, and Marc, honorary girlfriend of Kagami Tsurugi, mother of Apache Quinzel Wayne, plus every villain or former villain and superhero you can name.

Goodbye Mari you were loved.
No comment, this made me cry I won't lie. Anyways I hope you all said your goodbyes to our beloved Hero. Goodbye everyone!

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