Our Happily Ever After

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7 Years Later

Third person POV
Everyone went to college together at Gotham University while Ms.Bustier taught them all. Mari became leader of the Gotham Mafia when she turned 18. Mateo and Mason were her right hands while Sophia and Kagami were her lefts. Due to her and Damian being bound they were technically already married but he helps her run things.

They all got a big mansion together in Gotham they could've left but they all liked it there for some reason. Mari eventually revealed my identity of being MDC, she was richer than Bruce at this point. Mari and Damian for officially married two years ago.

Leo and Alya got together as well the day after they killed Marcel. Most of us got married except for Mason and his fiancé Jessica. They started dating four years ago they've been engaged for a year. They've planned the wedding already they just haven't picked the date.

The only people who have kids are Luka & Kagami, Alix & Kim, and Nathaniel & Marc. Nathaniel and Marc adopted twins while, Luka and Kagami had a daughter, and Alix and Kim had a son.

Some others are in the process of adopting while others are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Mari is pregnant but she haven't told anyone yet, turns out she's having twins. One boy and one girl which is good because now they can both lead together.

Marinette's POV
We were all having dinner and I decided now was the time to tell them. "Hey guys I wanted to give you guys something" I walked out of the room and grabbed gift boxes. I told them not to open them until I said so. Some of them had "Hi aunty" "Hi uncle" "Hi Daddy" "Hi Mom" "Hi Dad" "Hi Grandpa" "Hi Grandma"

"Okay guys you can open them now, everyone opened them and picked them up. They were confused for a second until they realized. "YOU'RE PREGNANT" they all yelled I nodded my head. They all came and hugged me at the same time. "IM GONNA BE A MOM/AUNT/UNCLE/DAD" I laughed.

"Wait how are you going to be a mom" Jason asked Sophia and Kagami they laughed. "We're her girlfriend which automatically makes us the twins mom soooo" he looked at them like they were crazy but shrugged it off.

Damian picked me up and spun me around and kissed me. "I'm so happy Angel" I smiled and hugged him, "As am I demon" he rolled his eyes.

5 years later

Noah's POV
Hey guys I'm Noah Benjamin Al Ghul Quinzel-Wayne, my sisters name is Isabella Amelia Al Ghul Quinzel-Wayne. She's my twin sister and we're turning 5 tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy said we're having a part at Disney World. Actually they said they're renting Disney World out for us.

We live with all of our aunts, uncles, cousins, plus our parents. We're currently on our private jet to Disney World. We have the best parents EVER! I can't wait until we get there!

Isabell's POV
Hi everyone I'm Isabella Amelia Al Ghul Quinzel-Wayne I have a two named Noah Benjamin Al Ghul Quinzel-Wayne. "Bella I already told them" that's Noah "Oh okay thanks Noah" he smiled Anyways um aside from what he said I'm just excited to go to Disney World

Oh mommy and daddy are teaching us self defense and how to use weapons. I used a gun and a katana yesterday and I kicked uncle Ninos ass yesterday. "ISABELLA AMELIA AL GHUL QUINZEL WAYNE WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT WORD?" Uh oh looks like I'm about to get one of my uncles in trouble.

"What word mommy?" mommy walked over to me and picked me up. "Who told you that bad word?" She asked she gave me a small smile. "Mommy what had word?" I asked again "I'll give you a new Katana if you tell me?" Bribery I'm sorry uncle Jay.

"It was uncle Jay" I smiled she gave me her phone and told me to choose a new one while went yo kill uncle Jay. Oh also me Noah are multi-lingual, it helps in a lot of situations. But bye guys it was nice speaking to you!

(5 years later)

Marinette's POV
How come I got stuck watching the kids, I mean don't get me wrong I love my kids and his kids Jesus. I don't know what the fuck everyone doing that requires me to watch their kids. So we got so bored that we started making cupcakes.

Did I mention it was my birthday? No well now you know. I'm a little pissed they all left me with the kids on my birthday.

(5 hours later)

The kids wanted to go to the park so I agreed because why not. When we got there we opened the gate and everyone jumped out. "SURPRISE" it made me startled and I flipped the first person I saw. "Oops sorry Bruce" he got up "It's fine Mari" I smiled a hugged everyone.

We had fun, we made the park thing enjoyable for the kids apparently we were going out somewhere else.

After some fun at the park we all went home, my parents agreed to watch all the kids along with Selina.

They decided to take me out for drinks and where do you get drinks? A bar and where is a bar? A club.
So yea that's where we went it was pretty fun, we all don't get to go have fun a lot because of the kids. They're getting older but it's still dangerous for them due to the whole Mafia thing.

Honestly I'm happy, I had so many problems over a decade ago. My adoptive parents disowned me because of Lila, Lila turned most of my friends against, Adrien sexually harassed me three times, I saw my family again, I met Damian, I killed Lila and Adrien, I helped Alya, I became leader, me, Sophia, and Kagami got unofficially married they both got me rings, me and Gabriel do fashion shows twice a month, I graduated, revealed myself, had twins, and turned 29? Jesus time flies by fast

But you know what? It was all worth it in the end because I got my

Happily Ever After

Thanks everyone for being with me through this entire story. I loved writing this story so much it made me so happy. I finished this book in less than a month. I started it September 26 and ended it October 8. I'll be starting my new book tonight. This is the end of the gangs journey I hope you enjoyed the story. You can check out my new story in a couple of hours I love you guys bye !!

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