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Marinette's POV
After Kagami came back over to use the older man began to speak. Yes we know that's Richard and Damian but who cares at the moment.

"Okay everyone we're going to get on the bus to the hotel and get you guys checked in you ready?" Richard said as he all grabbed our stuff.

We walked out as we saw a limo pull up and two people get out. As soon as they got out I noticed them, my parents in business attire no more of their old style. "MOM DAD" I yelled running over to them "Hey Puddin/little bug" I pulled away as my friends came over and hugged them too.

"Hello you must be Caline Bustier" mom shook Miss Bustier's hand. "Yes that would be me" she smiled "Thank you for being a good teacher to my daughter all these years" my dad said as I smiled. "Marinette is my star student she's great" she replied.

"Um you know them?" Richard said as he raised an eyebrow. "Um yes these are my parents" I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "I didn't know you guys had a kid" he said to them "It's a long story" my mom said. "This explains your bullying I mean look at who your parents are" I heard Alya say as Lila laughed.

I turned to them as my eyes flickered from blue, green, and red. Luka put a hand on my shoulder I flinched for a second but calmed down. I took a deep breath my eyes settled back to blue. I walked over to Alya and Lila, yes I'm shorter than them but who cares. I grabbed them both by their collar and pulled them close to me so I could whisper.

"Don't ever disrespect my parents like that again. You think you're so high a mighty when your not. Do you continue being the little liar and sheep you are and mind your business. Talk about my parents again and I will break your arm" I pulled away with a smiled.

They looked at me eyes widened, my I gave a glare that said "I dare you" they backed away a little. I started to walk away they sighed in relief but then I turned around quickly flipping kicking Lila in the stomach and Alya in the face. Everyone looked at me and gasped, I stood up and dusted myself off.

"Guyssss I got dirt on my hoodie" I whined then pouted. My friends and parents laughed at me, Alya and Lila got up and tried to hit me but I grabbed both of their fists while still facing my friends. "Ugh I'm going to have to fix it" I said before flipping both girls over my head then walking off.

But I bent down and whispered "I warned you" then walked off that's when Richard stopped me. "Marinette can I speak to you for a second" I turned to look at him and smiled "Sure" we walked over to the side. "My father would like you to come to dinner tonight at the manor" he said I nodded. Please have him send the address to my phone I have my own transportation.

He nodded as I walked away "I'm guessing they'll be staying with you guys?" Miss Bustier asked. "Yes we have enough rooms for them at the mansion" my mom smiled. "Cool!" everyone said at the same time as we laughed. "Okay let's get going you guys" dad said as we got in the limo we said bye to Miss Bustier and drive off.

Damian's POV
Okay I just watched a girl who was crying earlier who looked so we flip and kick two girls in the process. One I'm the face and the other in the stomach on top of that when said girl tried to punch her she grabbed both their hands while still looking at her friends. She then slipped the two girls over her head like it was nothing. She's literally so small she's like 5'4 while the girls are like 5'6 or 5'7.

When Grayson went speak to her I realized that Joker and Harley had a child. "When did they have a child?" I looked as the two girls got off the ground. Theo friends went to help them as they continued calling the other girl all kinds of names.

Grayson and the girl started walking back as the girl, her friends, and the former criminals let. We got the students on the bus as me and Grayson started speaking. "Since when do they have kids?" I asked her shrugged his shoulders. "That girl is unique, we need to find out more about her" Grayson said I nodded my head in agreement.

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