The Crash

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Alya's POV
I'm so mad at myself, I was tricked by Lila and hurt my best friend for over four years. FOUR YEARS me and Nino broke up and he was now with Chloe I wasn't mad about that. I kind of have a crush on Leo ughh why does life hate me. I'm happy I'm back to normal, I'm happy Mari could see the truth.

She knew I wasn't myself, even though it took four years it didn't matter. She still did it, she brung me back. She had every reason to kill me along with Lila and Adrien but she didn't. Instead she figured out what happened and gave me another chance. She's even giving me a new miraculous.

It turns out Trixx's true owner is Nathaniel and it does make sense. I tried on the other miraculouses and surprisingly we finally settled on the mouse miraculous. Mullo, the little Kwami was adorable, I didn't think we'd be a match at first but Mullo was perfect. Anyways I got to meet Apache, that puppy is so adorable.

I got to talk to Damian and Marinette about their relationship. I'm happy she's finally happy, she saw she didn't like Adrien it was apart of her cover. I'm not surprised Mari is a total badass while Adrien is a spineless coward. I was also told about what he did to Mari and if she didn't kill him I would've.

Either way Me, Chloe, and Mari decided to be a best friend trio. I was okay with that Mari would never choose between us, so we all agreed and I don't regret it. Back to what I was saying, Mari and Damian are soulmates and I could see why.

At first I thought 'Opposites Attract' they are nowhere near opposites. They are literally the same Mari was trained by an Assassin Damian is the heir of the league. I mean Mari is the next leader of the Gotham Mafia. They've been together for I think a couple days or was it a week? Regardless Mari could see I liked Leo and she got this evil glint in her eye.

She dragged Damian back to their room and they started arguing. "WHY THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE!" I heard Mari yell. "NO YOUR NOT DOING IT!" He yelled back "WATCH ME HMPH" they I heard the door open and slam.

I saw Mari run down the steps quickly putting her shoes on with a yelling Damian. "MARI ROSELLA QUINZEL GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" Marinette yelled back "GO TO HELL DEMON" he started chasing after her around the kitchen.

"GIRLS RUN!" She yelled we all ran to the garage and got on the bikes. We heard Damian and the others running but we took off driving towards the warehouse. "MARI!" Damian yelled as we all laughed, it was 6:00 AM. We were going for training and then later we're going to the League to surprise Talia. Mari said she was not about get kidnapped and drugged when she's perfectly fine with going herself.

Suddenly shots broke out

Marinette's POV
I found out Alya had a crush on Leo and I took Damian upstairs so I could plan. Then we got into a stupid ass argument. "WHY THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE" I yelled he yelled back "NO YOUR NOT DOING IT!" I leaned forward and yelled back "WATCH ME HMPH!" then I ran out the door slamming it shut.

I ran down the steps purring my shoes on as Damian yelled from behind me. "MARI ROSELLA QUINZEL GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" I yelled back "GO TO HELL!" He began chasing me around the kitchen before I yelled

"GIRLS RUN!" we all got to the bikes and took off to warehouse as I heard Damian hell "MARI!" We laughed as we kept driving keep in mind it's 6:00 AM. Suddenly I heard gun shots, I turned slowly to see two people in a car.

I stood up on my bike being careful not to fall, I moved forward and jumped onto their car. They tried to shoot at me again but I twisted the guy in the passenger seats arm and took his gun. I pulled him out the car while it was still moving and jumped in next to the driver.

He began panicking trying to shoot me but I did the same thing I did to the other. The car started swerving around as I tried to take control. Suddenly we ran into my bike, then BOOM an explosion broke out. Then all there was, was darkness.

Chloe's POV
After we had heard the shots we turned to see two men in a car. Mari stood up on her bike leaving us all shocked and worried. Then out of nowhere she jumped onto the car taking the guy in the passage seats gun pulling him and jumping in the car.

I could see the other guy try to shoot her when she got him too. Suddenly the car began swerving then it crashed into her bike which was on auto pilot. There was a big explosion as everyone stopped moving.

"MARINETTE" we all yelled as we stopped our bikes, we ran over to the vehicles now blazing with fire. "MARINETTE" we yelled circling the fire hoping to god we'd see our friend. There's was nothing, no sound, no voice, nothing.

She can't be gone, right? I quickly took out my phone and calling Mateo as Kagami transformed and put the fire out. "Hey Chloe what's up?" He asked from the other side "I-I s-she M-Mari" I broke into tears "CHLOE WHAT HAPPENED?" He yelled "We we're d-driving t-to the ware-warehouse when a-a c-car came behind u-us and two guys shot at us. Mari jumped on the car and got both guys but the care swerved and...." I stopped speaking my voice trailing off

"AND WHAT?" I took a deep breath "And we can't find her in there, the fires huge Kagami is trying to put it out now. Alix just looked at one of the guys, it's the scorpions. "FUCK! Send me your location we're coming now" I nodded and sent it.

After the call ended I ran to the vehicles that are no longer on fire. We could see Mari she was stuck, there was a dagger stuck in her heart. She slowly began spit out blood as we got her out and laid her in our lap. We tried our best to keep her conscious as we could see her slowly drifting.

We all cried as we saw our friend "Please Mari you can leave us" I sobbed "I just got you back please" Alya pleaded as she held her hand. Not too long later the guys, Mateo, and other members pulled out and ran over.

"Q? Q? Mari? Please you need to stay awake okay" Mateo picked her up as Damian ran to her side in the limo with us behind him. We slid in as he grabbed her, her eyes slowly closing losing the spark they once had. Now they were just a grey dull blue, not the usual bluebell we see, not even the green, the red nothing.

Damian started crying holding Marinette, he muttering things like. "Angel wake up" "Angel you can't leave me" "Please I just got you I can't" we soon arrived at the Wayne manor rushing Mari into the manor. We ran in to see everyone worried some crying, some scared, some shocked there were just different emotions.

We ran to the medical wing and placed her on the table as Alfred began working on her. We have to leave the room as he worked on her. As soon as we walked out amen plus all the girls dropped to the floor. Damian went to the bat cave no doubt to let his anger out on everything in the testing area.

The guys hugged us as they tried holding back tears but failed. Soon me and the girls fell asleep and all I could see was the crash replaying over and over in my head. Why? Why not me? She protected us risking her life in the process. What if she doesn't make it through I could never forgive myself.

No matter how deep into my sleep I was, I could still here Nino softly sob. Marinette is like his little sister, I can understand his pain. I know Damian is hurting just as much as us maybe even more. His soulmate was found half dead and he doesn't know what to think. My mind slowly blocked the other thoughts in my mind as I finally fell into a deeper slumber.
Hello humans! What do you think will happen to Marinette? Do you think she'll live? What'll happen to the Scorpions? Find out in the next chapter

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