It was intense

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Marinette's POV
I woke up drenched in sweat, I looked around me trying to identify my surroundings. I was panting heavily trying to calm my nerves and breathing. I finally saw that I was in my room at Wayne manor.

That's when I noticed a figure asleep next to me, I moved the blanket to see Demon of course. I smiled and put the blanket back over him. I got up to go take a shower I needed to get rid of the nerves, the sweat, the everything off me.

I walked into the bathroom as Plagg and Tikki zoomed in hugging me. "Mari/Kid you're okay" they both said at once as I giggled. "Yes but my body hurts like hell and that dream was intense" the smiled and hugged me again.

"I'm gonna grab a shower I'll see you guys when I'm done" they nodded and left out. I took a shower and was in for about thirty minutes. I got out did my normal routine, got dressed, and changed my bandage. I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair, should I do a messy bun? Half up half down? Straighten it? Curl it? Leave it out? Hm

I decided to put it in a messy bun, I walked out the bathroom to see a frantic Damian. When he saw the door open he instantly hugged me. "Angel you're okay!" He said swinging me around. I just laughed "Of course I am" he kissed and it turned into a full make out session. Let's just say things took a turn, I think it was about 7 rounds I dunno.

I know we had to shower again from the sweat and other....stuff. That's besides the point we showers again and I was too tired to speak to anybody. I just went to go back to sleep, I felt him pull me into him hugging the life out of me. I just sighed and drifted off to sleep, I felt him kiss my forehead and then darkness.

(The next morning)

I woke up to something licking my face, I opened my eyes seeing Apache wagging his tail and barking. I picked him up and played with him for a little while. Dami woke up about an hours later, it was understandable why he'd sleep so long. I on the other was sleep long enough before our ahem activities.

When he got up he pulled me and Apache down to him a kissed both of us on the head. Apache decided now was the time he should go to sleep. I decided to get ready for the day, I figured we should just get this bounding crap over with.

For some godamn reason Dami decided to put his closet in my room. We don't even live here! This is only my second time staying here! "What are you doing?" He asked I poked my head out the closet. "Getting dressed, I want to get this bounding shit over with so get ya ass up" I went back to look for an outfit.

He groaned and got up walking into the closet. I was in the mirror trying to put my hair up so I can change. Damian walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He gave me a long kiss and picked me up I could see what he was trying to do and pulled away. "Nope I see what you're trying to and we can't maybe later" I jumped down as he groaned. "Such a crybaby" I rolled my eyes as he retorted "But in your crybaby" he smirked as I turned pink. I shook my head and threw his outfit at him.

I wore my black assassin outfit, I wore black knee high boots, a hood, a black mask, and put my fingerless gloves on. Damian wore something similar, he wore his assassin outfit. We both have the same kind except he has the boy version and his is a little looser. We obviously put all out weapons in their respective spots. Tikki and Plagg rested in our pockets and we walked out the room for breakfast.

As soon as we walked in the dining room I was engulfed in hugs. "c-can't b-breathe" I gasped as they pulled away allowing me to catch my breath. "Sorry" they all said as I giggled "It's fine guys, were leaving for the League soon so let's eat" Me and Damian sat down as Bruce asked "Why are you going to the League" I looked at him before Damian spoke explaining the whole thing.

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