Training the Newbies

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(6:00 AM Warehouse)

Marinette's POV
Usually I'd be really annoyed about waking up so early, but I had a job to do. I had to get up at 5:00 I was at the warehouse by 6:00. The new members should be here by now, I don't understand where the hell they are.

Ugh they're already fucking up, I know you're wondering if my friends are here they are. They went to get coffee and breakfast while I get ready for the newbies. I think I should start them with combat training, I need to know how good their skills are.

They won't be using guns anytime soon, the guns are mainly for members who go on missions, jobs, shipments, etc. They won't be doing any of that anytime soon, I also don't completely trust them. On top of that I have to make a plan to get back at that gang who crossed us.

While we are the Gotham Mafia in reality we run America itself. The gang who crossed us are called The Scorpions, a dumb name if you ask me. Yes we got our money back but that doesn't change anything. We may be able to come up with a new deal but I'm not too sure.

We get 30% of anything they sell in our territory, in any of the 50 states we run. They aren't even a high level gang at that, I don't know what they tried to accomplish. I was texting mom and dad to let them know they told me to set up a meeting with their boss. As I was getting ready to contact them the two newbies walked in.

I felt their presence as soon as they were outside of the door. When they walked in they stood as my back was facing them. I heard their breath hitch in their throat and I giggled lightly. I quickly jumped down off the stool, the stool was at the bar. My feet obviously didn't touch the ground so yea.

I turned around and stood about 20 feet away from the two newbies. They stared at me for a good while before I snapped at them. Their faces rivaled Nathaniel's hair and I found it quite entertaining.

I walked over to the two who towered over me, I wasn't worried though because I could take both of them. "Ahem" I cleared my throat snapping them out of their daze again. They looked down at me, yes you heard me down at me. I glared at them kind of irritated by their height.

"Why are you late it's" I looked at my phone "It's 6:05 you were supposed to be here at 6:00" I crossed my arms and put my weight on one of my hips. I tapped my foot at a steady paste as they looked at me worried. That's when one of them spoke "I thought you'd be taller, are you our boss?" the tallest one asked.

I looked at him unamused "One don't bring up my height two I am your boss for now" I responded the second one decided to ask a question. "Where is the boss?" I stared at him next "The boss is my mother her and my father are on a mission and will be back tonight." They nodded their heads as I motioned for them to follow me.

"If my mother hasn't told you I am training you and combat and maybe weaponry if I have time" they stayed silent behind me. "Your training will be ending at 8:00 I am in Gotham for a school trip. I will be meeting my class at our tour after I'm finishing training you" I looked at them over my shoulder as they hooded in understanding. I turned back around with a smile, I'm happy to be the real me.

"This is where I will be training you, keep in mind you are recruits at the moment. You have not been initiated yet since I'm supposed to be training you. So who's up first?" They both looked at each other. That's when the tallest stepped up "I forgot to ask what are your names?" The other answered.

"I'm Jamie and he's Leo" he smiled I narrowed my eyes at him and snapped my head to Leo. "First we're going to start with hand to hand combat. Your job is to try to get me to tap out. I will not be going easy on you so I expect you do the same." he nodded with a smirk.

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