Mari's Story

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Marinette's POV
After the battle me and Kagami ran to Luka who still wasn't awake after I used the cure. I took them home so I could go get Chloe, when I got back to the manor ran back down and stopped at the doorway.

Chloe saw me and ran over to me, I know she saw everything that happened. Then someone yelled about me bleeding I didn't even know it honestly. I moved my hand and there it was the blood from the battle. I don't understand I thought the miraculous cure fixed it.

I eventually got dizzy and passed out all I saw was black. I didn't know what was going on I just knew that something was wrong. I opened my eyes and saw a lady in front of me.

She looked like Adrien? She was a spitting image of him if he were a girl. Wait it can't's his mom? "Hello Marinette" she said as she stood in front of me "Your Adrien's mom?" I questioned she nodded her head. "Follow me there's something you need to know" I followed her to god knows where.

She took me to a park, the park was beautiful but some plants were drying it made me sad. I walked to the bench Emilie was at and the flowers started to blossom again. I guess I'm slowly developing my powers, I giggled in my head.

"Emilie how can I see you?" I asked she smiled "It's because you are the new Guardian, Nooroo and Duusu are trying to contact you but can't. Instead they found a way to send me, just know that I was the former own of the Peacock miraculous."

I looked at her as if she had two heads, she was the former owner? So who had it now? "Just listen okay?" I nodded my head as she continued.

"When I used it at some point it had broke making me slip into a magic induced coma. I don't exactly know what happened after that, I've been in the afterlife is what they call it. Since I'm a former holder there's like a whole world for us. So I don't know where the two miraculous are I just know that it probably has something to do with me. So please find them Marinette, Duusu was my best friend please" she grabbed my hands and I nodded at her. "Thank you" she said and hugged me I smiled.

I started to glow white and I could tell I was going back, "Goodbye Emilie and thank you" I smiled she waved at me. Then just like that I woke up to Tikki and Plagg floating in front of me. "You're awake" they both said flying and hugging me. I smiled at the contact from the two.

"Kid I'm so sorry this is my fault" I looked at Plagg and hugged him. "This is not your fault okay, this was an accident I am to right holder. It's not your fault so I won't allow you the blame yourself. Thank you guys for saving me, now you can both take a nap in my bag okay" they nodded and flew into my bag.

That's when I remembered what Emilie said "OH SHIT!" I ran out of the room down to Chloe. "CHLOE" I yelled she ran out of the living room "Mari-bug your okay" she hugged me. I was out of breath "We have a problem" I saw if as she raised an eyebrow. That's when the whole Wayne family walked out of the living room.

"Oh hey guys" I smiled and they looked at me confused. "How the hell are you walking right now?" Jason said I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders. "So your ladybug huh" I rolled my eyes and nodded "Duh" I pinched the bridge of my nose.

Wait a minute, my katanas missing, wait so are my stars what the hell. I started searching around for my stars and katana godamnit where could they be. "Chloe where are they?" I asked she looked at me confused then realized and started looking with me. "What are you looking for?" Bruce asked I looked at him the narrowed my eyebrows. "Hmph" I said as I stood up and walked in front of them.

They towered over me but at the moment I didn't really care I need my stuff back. "We'll if you must know I'm looking-" I got cut off by Alfred. "Miss Marinette I have your katana and stars" he handed them to me. Me and Chloe blew a sigh in relief, "that scared me thank you Alfred" I gave him my signature smile.

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