Eventful Night

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Marinette's POV
"Okay guys it's 9:00, the shipment comes at 11:00 meaning we have to be there by 10:00 to be ready in case something goes wrong" I was talking to everyone while casually seeing if all the weapons were prepared right.

"Okay so Alix, Chloe, Kim, Nino, Damian, Kagami, Luka, Mason, Noah, Mateo, Dylan, Scarlett, Emily, Victoria, and Vivian" I listed off everyone who'd be coming tonight. "You guys will be coming with me to get the shipment. Everyone else will stay here and keep lookout on the AC. If you see anything unusual let us know, everyone put in your earpiece." they all did as told.

"Kim, Alix, Emily, and Mateo you will be snipers, you'll be on top of the shipping crates ready to attack if anything goes wrong. The rest of you are with me grab your weapons and make sure you have everything. Everybody go to the van once you've double checked it's already 9:45 let's go." We all went to the vans and drove off.

(Time skip)

Our shipping dock was just like any other kind, a little more discrete but only certain people know about it. "Everyone in position?" I asked through our comms as everyone agreed. Me and everyone else besides the four snipers went to the nesting spot. As soon as we walked over a van turned the corner. The people in the van stepped out, two people walked to us while the rest grabbed the package.

One of the guys grabbed my hand and kissed it, I pulled my hand away. "And who might you be?" he said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes in response "My name is unimportant just know I'm Harley and Joker's daughter" the guys eyes widened as he nodded his head.

The others brought the package over as I opened it to make sure it was all there. After examining I'd came to the conclusion that it was safe an accounted for. "Everything seems to be in order, if I get back and see anything out of the ordinary." I stopped before glaring "I will have your tongues" I went back to my smile. "Pleasure doing business with you" and with that me and my team walked off.

When we got back to the warehouse I got uncle Edward to check it while I went to the boy. I walked to the basement to see the boy tied up to a chair. I went alone because this was a personal matter for the leader. I'm the leader right now so I'd be dealing with him.

"Hello" I smiled ripping the tape off his mouth "Who might you be?" I asked sweetly. He flushed red as he told me his name. "Ah okay so I'm told you owe me $200,000, is that correct?" He didn't respond. I asked again but once again no response. After five minutes I began to get impatient.

I walked over to the closet and grabbed my bag that said "M Quinzel" I walked back to the boy. "Are you working for someone?" No response I smirked and hit him in the stomach with the bat. "I'll ask again are you working for someone" he was hesitant for a second but still kept quiet.

I hit him again this time I'm his face, "Just tell me the truth" I smiled at him sweetly. He looked at me "I'll never tell you princess" he smirked I hit him again. He groaned in pain, I got satisfaction from his reaction. I walked back over to the cabinet and put my bat away. I grabbed my katana and put it at his shoulder, "So you won't speak?" He just looked at me as I smiled.

(Time skip)

He finally talked, he was a part of the gang from the shipment earlier. That angered me, why did they have one of their people in our city. I went back upstairs and cleaned up, rinsing the blood off. Things got a little carried away I guess you could say.

I walked upstairs to tell Mateo I needed him to send the guys buddy over to the gang from earlier. He agreed and went to do as told. I went to go over to Damian who was sitting in a corner reading a book. I stopped as I watched Scarlett walk to him.

I narrowed my eyes as she sat on his lap, I had no idea what she said but I saw her wrap her arms around his neck. He tried pushing her off but she was hell bent on staying there. I felt Kagami, Alix, and Chloe's presence they had their faces twisted in anger.

They went to go over there but I stopped them telling them I'd deal with it. I walked over to them, when I got to them I cleared my throat. "Ahem" they both looked at me "What do you want Ms.Princess" I narrowed my eyes at her. "I suggest getting up and taking your ass somewhere else" I smiled brightly at her.

She scoffed in response, "can't you see I'm in the middle of something" she rolled her eyes. She turned back to Damian and tried to kiss him when I grabbed the back of her neck. "Hey bitch get your hands off me!" She yelled I picked her up off him by her neck.

"I told you to get up, that's my fiancé you were sitting on. Not only did you disrespect my fiancé, you also disrespect me, if you didn't know I'm Harley and Jokers daughter. I'll be your leader soon but that may not be the case anymore" I whispered in her ear. I could see how she was visibly scared as she trembled a little.

I dragged her over to a stool and tied her up, "So you see I have to call my parents and ask if I have permission to kill you" her eyes widened with fear. I used my comm to talk to them. "Mom dad are you okay?" They replied quickly "Yea we just got to the hotel, how are things back home?" Mom asked

"There was a boy who owed us $200,000 I interrogated him after getting the shipment. It took a while but he admitted to being one of the lower members of the gang who delivered the shipment. He wired the $200,000 he owed us just before I killed him. Mateo should be preparing to send his body to them as we speak" the line went silent I went to go speak before mom did

"We are so proud of you! It's your first kill how did it feel?" She asked I replied calmly. "It felt nice knowing I did it to protect the people I love. I pulled the tripped with ease though" they cheered as I smiled

"Oh yea, so Scarlett she flirted with Damian, sat on his lap, tried to kiss him, scoffed at me when I told her to get up, called me Ms.Princess mockingly, and called me a bitch" I finished as they went silent again.

I got a FaceTime call from them, I answered as their faces popped up. "Hand the phone to Scarlett" dad said in a tone that sent shivers down everyone but my spine. "We'll I tied her up to I'll just turn the phone to her" they nodded as I turned the phone.

"Scarlett care to explain what you were doing to our son-in-law?" she didn't speak. "Okay answer this, why did you disrespect our daughter?" she spoke "I didn't know she was your daughter" everyone glared at her. "If I'm not mistaken she led everything for the shipment tonight and even brung you along. So how did you not know who she was?" mom asked Scarlett just turned her head.

"Okay that's fine, Mari" I turned the phone back to me "Yes mom?" I raised and eyebrow. "Kill her." That's all they both said as I nodded and hung up. Scarlett's face turned into something I can't even describe "No no please don't I'll do better" she started I stopped her from talking.

"It's too late for that, even if you didn't know who I was you still don't treat your teammates that way. Even so I know you saw Damian come in here with his arm around me. So that was a stupid move you made Scarlett, now you okay with your life. I'll see you in hell." I smirked as I shot her straight between her eyes.

Everyone flinched a little probably not expecting me to that but hey she started it. "Damn Mari total badass!" Alix yelled I smiled at her. "Woah you really are short" Mason said patting my head. I huffed in annoyance and smacked his hand away. "Your not that tall Mason" I replied "I beg to differ I'm 6'1 a whole foot and an inch taller than you" he smirked

"You know what" I took his arm and twisted behind his back. "Take it back!" I yelled he just groaned in pain "Never!" he laughed. "You'll never beat her so just admit defeat" Kim chirped in. He finally tapped out after 2 more minute, "Now apologize" I stated.

"Fine, I'm sorry you're so short" he smirked then ran as I threw a star at him. I ended up heading his leg making him trip and fall. "That's what you get idiot" I scoffed before dragging Scarlett's body to the basement. "Dispose of her body tomorrow, I have to train the new recruits tomorrow at 2:00. We'll be leaving the class early, these two need to be trained asap.

Everyone nodded as I sent them all home the rest of use took the limo home. Am I looking forward to tomorrow? Not at all. Of course I'd get stuck with the newbies. They better be worth training further.
Writing a new chapter later on. Hope you enjoyed bye everyone!

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