At The Museum

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Marinette's POV
It'll take about 30 minutes to get there in a car on a bike it'll take about 20. Me and Chloe got on the bikes while everyone else got in the limo. We got there just in time, Damian would be staying with us through the whole trip until the month we go to his school. Uncle Edward destroyed the building and now they have fix the damages.

When we got there my mom and dad we're waiting along with my classmates and teacher. "Hey mom and dad" I smiled and waved at them. They came over and hugged me, "Can you take my bikes back home and come get us later" they smiled and nodded. Who will be coming back tonight? She asked I pulled them all to the side.

"It'll be me plus everyone else from yesterday and Damian are you coming too or no?" He nodded his head and I spoke again so "Everyone else plus Damian" they smiled at me. "Her boyfriend" Alix said "He's not my boy-" before I could finish he kissed me and walked off. Leaving me embarrassed in front of my friends and parents.

"Ugh no fair" I pouted as I got investigated by everyone. I just groaned and walked off oh I didn't describe what my parents look like. My mom wore a half black half blue leather jacket, black knee high sneakers, a black T-shirt that said Puddin, she had natural makeup on, her hair was all blonde in a high ponytail, and she had friendless gloves on.

My dad had on a black leather jacket, black pants, black sneakers, a black t-shirt, his hair was it's normal green, it was slicked back. (A/N in this story he doesn't look how he does in the movies so messed up teeth and tattoos on his face) he also had a tattoo that said Mari Quinzel.

They took my bikes and drove off saying I had explaining to do. I looked over to see Damian being questioned by his brothers. He looked at me for help but I just turned my head away and walked off giggling. He glared at me as I shrugged my shoulders, revenged is a dish best served cold.

I saw a girl at the entrance of the museum she started talking. "Okay everyone my name is Cassandra and I'll be your tour guide. I'll allow you guys to own your own groups but just know we'll be supervising you. If you have any questions just come to me, Jason, or Richard. Everyone got it?" Everyone nodded as she lead us into the entrance.

The groups were me and my friends and Lila plus her sheep. I wanted nothing to do with them so we all walked over to the other side of the museum. As I was walking Damian came and stood next to me. "Angel" I pretend I didn't hear him "Oh come on not this again" he whined still ignored him.

"Tt you were about to say I wasn't your boyfriend what did you expect" I glared at him. "You never asked me which is why I was going to say it but instead you embarrassed me" I pouted.

He stopped me and said "I'm sorry Angel, I figured that because we were soulmates it would be an automatic thing" I looked at him and pouted again.

He grabbed my chin with his hand and spoke "Angel, will you please be my girlfriend and soulmate officially" I looked at him. I smiled then said "No" and walked off "WHAT!" He yelled I shushed him and kept walking.

He pulled me away from the group, "What do you mean no?" I cocked my head to the side then burst out laughing "I'm sorry but your face is just" I stopped laughing when I saw him pouting.

"I was just kidding of course I will" I smiled and hugged him. I pulled him back to the group he put his arm over my shoulder as we kept walking. Little did we both know a certain blonde head, spineless, cowardly, rapist was watching us.

Adrien's POV (Watch your back you fucker)
I don't understand why my Princess kept rejecting me, I mean did our sexual activity in school mean nothing. They claim I raped her but I know that she liked it for a fact. She was screaming and crying I figured she was screaming because it hurt a little.

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