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Marinette's POV
Now to say I figured something out is an understatement, I had a realization. Since I have Jamie and Leo with me and the gang at the house I had to figure out a plan. I needed to talk to the Wayne's about my new discovery.

I sent Mason to come grab Jamie and Leo, I told him to help them with target practice. Once he came I called everyone for an emergency meeting in the cave. Now I know what you're thinking how can I call an emergency meeting.

Well I'm not officially apart of the bat family I go by the name BlackHeart (A/N:I didn't want to use ladybird I hate that name😐) I used Kaalkia to teleport me and everyone else.

When we got there everyone was waiting, "Mari what's with the meeting?" Dick asked I furrowed my eyebrows. "Due to" I looked to the side taking a deep breath. I looked back at everyone "I have no information on Hawkmoth and Mayura" they looked at me interested.

I walked over to the bat computer and sat down, I pulled up information on Emilie Agreste. "Why do you have information about Emilie Agreste up?" Bruce asked. "Remember hoe I showed you guys about the dream?" They all nodded in understanding

"We'll after todays phone call, Gabriel mentioned if his wife was here maybe...maybe none of it would've ever happened." Damian hugged me as I cleared my throat. "Ahem anyways this has given me a realization, Emilie said that Duusu sent her. She was the previous owner, the peacock miraculous had broken. So because she had it on at the time she ended up passing away." The all looked at me confused.

"Okay? What does that mean though" I glared at Jason "You guys seriously don't get it?" The all shook their heads before Kagami had finally figured it out. "He wants to bring her back" we said at the same time I looked at her and smiled. "He wants the miraculous to bring her back. He doesn't know the consequences though. He's also disowned Adrien but I noticed the adoration between him and Nathalie" I turned back around

"Which had me thinking, he didn't want Nathalie to be in on his plans due to him knowing she could get hurt. Yet she wanted to help because she wanted both Adrien and Gabriel to be happy despite her feelings. He doesn't use her as much because he doesn't want her to get hurt. Which brings me to my plan, I will be going to the Agreste mansion. I will be getting both miraculous back and heal Nathalie. I could see her health over the phone, Nath you will make an illusion of me as ladybug when I tell you too." He nodded but everyone looked at me as if I'd brown two heads

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Damian yelled I turned to look at him "Baby Birds right cupcake you can't go alone" I looked at them and sighed. I understand your worried but trust me it's better I go. As Marinette at that, trust me I won't get hurt I can talk them into it. I can see they both love each other, once he gives his miraculous over I'll put them away. All will officially be okay." My friends understood why I had to go alone.

"If my friends can understand you guys should. Nath transform, kaalki full gallop" I transformed as did Nathaniel. "I'll teleport to the stairs and de transform. I'll bring you guys in if I need you for now be on standby. Sly when I say go, make an illusion of ladybug." He nodded as I made a portal.

I de transformed and walked up to the doors, I knocked on the door and waited. Not even two minutes later it opens revealing Gabriel. "Miss Quinzel? To what do I owe the pleasure?" He asked "Mr.Agreste, I just need to speak with you and Nathalie. I take it she's not doing so well so just bring me to her as I could see her pain on the phone"

He hesitated but allowed it and took me to her, we walked in and she looked over at us. "Hello Mari" she smiled "Hello Nathalie, I've come to speak to you both about something important" they both looked at each other than me.

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