Chapter 15

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We heard a knock at the door and she wanted to go get it but I stood in front of her.

Lulu: Get the fuck outta my way Ricky.

Me: Baby calm...

Lulu: I'm not your "baby" anymore now move.

Me: I can't let you get me arrested just because your emotions are all over the place ma.

She pushed me to the side and she walked out the bedroom. I tripped her and pulled her into her room by her ankles.


I quickly got on top of her and covered her mouth. She started fidgeting and tried to get out of my hold but she couldn't. She gave up when she saw she couldn't get out of my hold and I saw the tears flowing down her cheeks.

Me: I made a mistake mama. I fucked up I get it but that doesn't mean I don't wanna be with you.

I removed my hand from her mouth. She looked at me and gave me a disappointment look. I know that look way too much.

Me: I'm sorry mama. Please can you forgive me?

She looked like she was thinking and ended up nodding her head. I got up and pulled her up also. I gave her a hug and kissed her on her forehead. Then we heard a few knocks on the door again.

Me: I think they still here.

Lulu: I'll go check.

She went downstairs and I went into the stairway. She opened the door and I saw two cops there. Fucking hate 12 man.

Lulu: Hello officers, how may I help you?

Officer: We received a call from this location ma'am and we wanted to see what's the problem.

Lulu: Oh the problem has been solved thank you for coming.

Officer: But we heard noises ma'am.

Lulu: Yeah there was a rat on me and it spooked me. I'm sorry for the inconvenience officers.

Officer: No problem ma'am, whenever you have a problem just call.

Lulu: I will, thank you so much.

They nodded their heads and left. She closed the door and I went behind her giving her a kiss on the neck but she pushed me off.

Lulu: I'm not letting you touch me until you get her germs off of you.

Me: Come on man.

Lulu: I mean it Ricky.

I sighed and went upstairs to her room. I got in the shower and scrubbed all her germs off of me. I put my underwear and pants on in the bathroom. I got out to see her sitting on her bed. I guess waiting for me? I put my shirt on and dried my hair. Once I was done I sat beside her.

Lulu: So why'd you cheat on me? Especially with her, isn't she supposed to be your best friend or something?

I rolled my eyes and wondered why is she interrogating me when I chose her over my best friend? Bitches ain't appreciative.

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