Chapter 33

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So Ayisha, Riley, Sheronda and I decided to go to the mall to get a few things. We did go shopping and then we decided to go eat.

I forgot to tell y'all. This past week I've been getting messages from an unknown number. They'd ask me to give them my address and shit but I blocked the number.

Ayisha: So you told Ricky about that mysterious person that's been texting you.

Yeah I told them. I then shook my head.

Sheronda: Girl why not? What if it's Kaida or her friends?

Me: If it is her then why would she ask me for Ricky's address?

Riley: Good point because the girl knows where Ricky lives and she wouldn't just show up on his doorstep after what happened.

Ayisha: Yeah cause that bitch will be dead on the spot.

As they were rambling my mind was roaming until it got distracted. The person I saw made my eyes get wide. Fear ran over my body.

Sheronda: Hey Lulu are you okay?

Riley: Yeah you look like you've seen a ghost.

They looked over where I was looking to see my ex Malik and his friends standing there. Our eyes connected and I couldn't look away. I froze. I haven't seen him in 2 years and he's here now. He smiled at me and I looked away.

Me: We gotta go.

Riley: Why? You know him or something?

Without saying a word I got up and left them there. I'm not about to deal with Maliks abusive ass. I felt my arm being yanked back. Please God, let this person not be Malik. I looked back and it was him staring at me with a smirk.

Malik: Thought you could get away from me again?

Me: I-I was j-just g-going home.

Fuck the stuttering is back.

Malik: Let's go home baby. I miss you.

What the fuck?

Me: Malik let go.

Malik: Or what?

Omg man.

Malik: I said let's go home.

Me: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Malik: So you ran away from me for 2 years and now you got an attitude?

His grip around my wrist got tighter. I tried moving his hand but it wouldn't budge. I felt tears brewing in my eyes because the pain was too much.

Me: S-stop.

Malik: Why do I always have to put my hands on you in order for you to listen to me?

Me: I-I'm sorry.

He let my arm go and grabbed my neck instead. The main reason why I left Malik was because he never had a problem with hurting me in public. He just didn't care. He didn't respect me and he'd do anything to humiliate me.

Malik: We're going home okay?

I kept quiet and watched him. The pressure on my head is getting worse. My wind pipe is beginning to close up. He looked so mad for some reason.

I closed my eyes, why? I don't know also. I felt him being yanked off of me. I gasped for air and I saw that it was Dante. Damn I haven't seen him since we watched our movie.

Dante: The fuck you doing putting your hands on her nigga?

Malik: Now who the fuck are you?

Dante took out his gun and pointed it at Malik.

Dante: I'm her friend bitch.

Malik didn't look phased at all. He just chuckled.

Malik: Imma see you soon baby.

And with that he just walked away. What just happened?

Dante: You okay?

Me: Yeah I'm fine.

Dante: Damn Ricky ain't gon be too happy about this.

Me: I know.

Dante: Lemme take you home.

I nodded my head and we got out the mall heading to his car. It's okay since I was gonna request. He then drove me to Ricky's house. Ricky was outside with Santiago. Dante parked his car and we both got out.

Ricky and Santiago got up heading over to us. I quickly got in front of Ricky because I knew he'd do something.

Santiago: What the fuck are you doing here?

Dante: Just bringing her back home after what that bum ass nigga did to her.

They all looked at me. Oh fucking great. I hate Dante for putting me on the spot like that.

Santiago: Which nigga did what to you?

Ricky was burning a hole on my face. It felt like he was scanning my whole body. He grabbed my face and looked at my neck. Santiago's eyes got wide.

Santiago: Yo what the fuck?

Ricky: Who did this to you?

I just kept quiet then Dante spoke.

Dante: It was some goofy ass looking nigga with some ginger dreads. He called her baby before he left.

Ricky looked disgusted and then he let me go.

Ricky: Baby? You with that nigga?

What the fuck?

Me: How can you even think I can do that to you?

Ricky: Then who the fuck is he?

Me: He's my ex.

His eyes then narrowed. Oh no. He looked at me for a second and looked at Dante.

Ricky: Show me that nigga.

He let me go and walked away. I quickly pulled him back.

Me: No stop.

He yanked his arm back from me.


The sound and tone of his voice made me frightened. I took a step back from him. It's like Malik and I all over again. I then saw his face soften.

Ricky: Baby I'm sorry.

He tried coming close to me but I took a step back again.

Ricky: Look I'm not gonna let a nigga disrespect you and me like that. Your my girlfriend and I need to protect you. I don't want that nigga fucking with you like your his bitch.

Me: I know but I don't want you to get in trouble Ricky. Please let this go.

Ricky: You must be outta your goddamn mind if you think......

Me: Please.

Gave him my signature look with puppy eyes. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

Ricky: If that nigga fucks with you again, he's dead. Got it?

I nodded my head and he gave me hug.

Ricky: Come on, let's clean up those scratches.

I didn't notice but I had scratches on my neck from Malik digging his nails into my skin. We then got inside the house.

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To be continued.....

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