Chapter 48

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Well so you know Ricky and I made up the previous week. I must tell y'all, that man got some good dick. We're currently at his moms house for a cookout. Ayisha, Santiago, Riley, Sheronda and Omar are also here. We're all in the lounge right now. It's nice being around them.

Me: Baby I'm going to the bathroom okay?

Ricky: Alright mama.

I got up and went upstairs to his room since it has a bathroom. I got there and did my thing then I washed his hand. I heard a notification go off. It wasn't from my phone cause the notification sounded far and my phone is in my back pocket.

I saw that it was Ricky's phone and it was in the charger. I saw a message from a girl named Gina. I clicked on the notification and I punched in the passcode. I went to the messages.

Message convo

Why aren't you answering your phone nigga?

I'm at the hospital right now for my 7 month checkup. Where are you?

I can't believe your not here.

So your girlfriend is more important to you than our daughter?

Okay be like that bum ass nigga. You ain't coming near my child.

In fact, go make a baby with your girlfriend.

Message convo over

My heart shattered. He got her pregnant? More importantly she's 7 months pregnant? This is a lot to take in. I was really mad. Heck I was fuming. I went downstairs with his phone in my hand.

He came into the lounge and I launched his phone at him. He dodged his phone and it shattered once it collided with a mirror on the wall. I was livid and I was a crying mess.

Ricky: What the fuck is wrong with you man?

He looked down to see what I threw at him. He then realised that it was his phone. He looked up at me in disbelief and with so much anger.

Ricky: What the fuck is wrong with you bro? You just broke my phone.

Ayisha and Sheronda got up. All eyes were on us now. Ricky's mom then came into the lounge.

Me: Who's Gina?

He looked taken back. Caught you bitch.

Ricky: What are you talking about man?

Me: I can't believe you got some random bitch pregnant and your lying to me in my face.

Everyone looked shocked. His mom gave him a disappointed look.

Ricky's momma: Is that true Richardo?

Ricky: Momma she's lying.


Omg he makes me so mad. You got her pregnant now you lying.

Ricky: You better act like you got some goddamn sense. You not gon be yelling in my momma's house.

I gave him a big hot slap. I have never been this livid in my life. He pushed me away so hard that I collided with a mirror on the wall. That shit hurt. I slid down the wall, my back hurts right now. Blood started coming out of my mouth.

Ricky: Don't you ever put your hands on me ever again.

I looked at him with so much fear. Everyone then hurried to my side.

Ayisha: Omg are you okay?

I looked up at Ricky and I started seeing Malik. It felt like I was with Malik all over again. I'm not gonna do this with him. I got up and got my stuff. The pain was unbearable but I dragged myself out that house and went home.

I got home and thank God. Nobody was here. I went upstairs and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I took off my shirt and turned around. Damn this nigga fucked up my back. There was cuts, scratches and blood. I then texted Jonathan.

Message convo

I need help.

With what mama?

I'm hurt right now and I need help with cleaning my wounds.

What wounds? What happened?

I'll tell you when you get here but can you come now please?

I'm on my way.

Message convo over

I put my phone down. After 5 minutes I heard some footsteps and saw him in the mirror.

Jonathan: Who the fuck did this to you?

Me: I'll explain later now can you help me?

He nodded his head.

Jonathan: Where's your first aid kit?

I gave it to him and he put on some gloves. I bent over the sink and he looked mesmerised.

Me: Would you stop daydreaming and help me out?

Jonathan: My bad.

He then got some peroxide from the first aid kit.

Jonathan: This is gonna hurt.

Oh I'm aware....OW WHAT THE FUCK!!! I said in my head when I felt him pouring it on my back. This shit stings man.

Jonathan: I'm almost done baby.

Baby? Well that's new. He wiped everything up and he took his gloves off throwing them away.

Jonathan: Go lay down, I'll clean up.

I nodded my head and went to lay down. I laid down on my stomach cause my back is pretty fucked up at the moment. I saw him mopping up my bathroom. Now that's husband material. He then came into the room and sat beside me.

Jonathan: Care to explain why your back is so fucked up?

I sighed. I think I should tell him cause he'll find out somehow. Shit spreads like wild fire here.

Me: My boyfriend cheated on me and got the girl pregnant. I broke his phone and confronted him about. He got made and he pushed me hard making me collide with a mirror and it broke.

After I told him that his whole energy changed.

Jonathan: I'll handle it.

What the fuck does he mean by that?

Me: No it's okay really. I'm done with him.

Jonathan: Good cause I didn't wanna have to beat that niggas ass.

He then stood up and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Jonathan: I gotta go pick up Armando from school and imma come right back okay?

I nodded my head and left. At least someone out here really cares about me.

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To be continued.....

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