Chapter 26

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Ricky: Momma I-I don't w-wanna h-hurt her.

What the fuck does he mean by that?

Ricky's momma: I know baby.

She then looked at me.

I think it's time we tell you the truth. Come on.

She pulled Ricky inside and curiosity got the best of me. I followed them upstairs to a room. Ricky sat down on the floor, which confused me and we sat down with him.

Ricky's momma: Richardo isn't a normal child.

Yeah no shit. What the fuck does she mean by that? She honestly has to give me more information.

Me: What do you mean?

Ricky's momma: He suffers from a bad bipolar disorder, resulting to him having such a short temper. You should notice by now by how quickly he gets jealous.

How did she know?

Ricky's momma: Don't worry, Ricky tells me everything. He also suffers from anxiety and depression.

Damn that's a lot but I nodded my head and watched as she got up going somewhere. I then watched Ricky move from where he was to me. He held my hand and looked at it. Then his momma came back.

Ricky's momma: He's already attached to you.

Me: Does that mean anything?

Aaliyah: It means that Ricky will be very clingy. He'll also be very overprotective and he'll wanna be with you 24/7 because he'll feel as if your not safe anywhere but beside him.

I tried to take everything in when I felt Ricky's grip on me get tighter. But not tight as if he's hurting me.

Ricky's momma: These are his medications.

She brought out 3 pill containers.

Ricky's momma: I know it's a lot but I try to make him drink all of them but he says they drain him.

This is a lot to take in.

Ricky's momma: I'm only telling you this because I trust you with my son and so that when he act a certain way, you'll know what's the cause and what to do.

I nodded my head and looked at Ricky. He looked so occupied with my hand. He shook his head a few times and he got up.

Aaliyah: Look who's back.

I was confused so they looked at me.

Aaliyah: He shakes his head when he goes back to his normal self.

I nodded my head and now Ricky looked confused.

Ricky: What's going on?

Again I'm confused asf.

Miyoki: You did the thingy again.

He facepalmed himself and then walked out still leaving me in confusion.

Ricky's momma: He forgets everything when he goes back to himself. It happens but over time he regains his memory.

I nodded my head and got up. I went looking for him and I found him where I was sitting earlier. I sat beside him and held his hand. I looked at him not saying a word.

Ricky: You probably think I'm a psycho.

Me: No, not at all. I think your just misunderstood.

Ricky: Misunderstood (chuckling).

He let go of my hand and got up which made me get up also.

Ricky: Do you still wanna be with me? After everything you were just told?

I thought about it for a second but then I nodded my head.

Ricky: Why?


Me: Why? What the fuck do you mean why?

He leaned near the balcony and crossed his arms.

Ricky: Why would you wanna be with me when you know I'm mental?

Me: Because I fell in love with the real you Ricky.

He froze and looked at me differently. I then wondered why he was looking at me like that until I realised I just told him I'm in love with him. Fuck.

He looked like he was in a deep thought but he stood in front of me. I looked up at him, damn this man is a sky scraper.

Ricky: Your not lying to me, right?

I shook my head no and I saw his eyes kept changing. It terrified me but I kept my fear on the inside. Then all of a sudden his eyes went back to normal.

Ricky: Okay, let's go.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the car. I then began to panic.

Me: Where we going?

He ignored me and we both got into the car. The car ride was silent and it was beginning to get awkward for me so I decided to speak.

Me: So are you gonna tell me where.....

Before I can even finish my sentence, this nigga cut me off. Rude.

Ricky: Just keep quiet.

I kept quiet and leaned back in my seat. I wonder what I did to make him act like this. Most people would be anx......oh fuck did I trigger his anxiety?

I felt the car come to a stop. I looked outside to see we were at some woods. Oh boy, nothing good every happens here.

Ricky: Get out.

Me: What?

Ricky: I won't repeat myself.

I got out of the car and he started walking. I quickly nodded behind him because he walks fast and I got short legs. I wondered, is this he gonna kill me after I told him I'm in love with him?

We got to a bushy area. He removed all the shrubs and there was a pathway. He continued walking while I followed. I collided with his back and saw he was just standing there looking at something.

I then stood beside him and saw a big rock and a very beautiful lake. He threw me over his shoulder and started walking. I felt him jumping a few times and thought that he would've dropped me but he didn't.

He then stopped and put me down. He sat down on the rock and patted beside him, signalling me to sit next to him so I did. He kept quiet and watched the lake which made me sigh.

Ricky: What's wrong?

Me: You scared me back there. I thought you weren't happy knowing that I'm in love with you.

He raised his eyebrow at me.

Ricky: What makes you say that ma?

Me: You kept questioning my love for you, you kept quiet the whole car ride, you brought me into the woods, now we're here and your just quiet.

I said sighing at the end. I felt his hand on top of mine and then our fingers intertwined.

Ricky: I'm in love with you too.

That made my stomach do a backflip.

Ricky: I only asked you those questions so you can be sure if you wanna stay with me or not. Being with me is a challenge.

Me: A challenge I won't have a problem facing. I love you Ricky and I'm in love with you. I wanna be with you and to help you through your problems.

He looked at me and his eyes told me everything. Without saying a word he grabbed my face and kissed me. And at that moment I knew we were gonna be inseparable.

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To be continued.....

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