Chapter 68

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After I saw Lulu at the hospital in that state I knew I had to do something. And you guys know me, I never let some shit like that slide. I drove to my mommas house to drop off Adonis.

Me: Momma can you watch him while I go out for a sec?

She looked at me funny.

Momma: You selling drugs again?


Me: No momma.

Momma: Then why do you want me to watch Adonis at this time?

I guess I have to tell her.

Me: Lulu's ex beat her up and I gotta go find him.

She looked shocked.

Momma: What? Is she okay?

Me: Yeah she's alright but she's hurt. So can you watch him?

She nodded her head and I put Adonis down.

Adonis: Where daddy going?

Me: I'm going to run some errands okay? I'll be back soon to get you so we can go home.

Adonis: Pinky pwomise?

He said holding out his pinky and I intertwined mine with his.

Me: I pinky promise.

Adonis: Okay bye daddy.

He said letting go and running to his grandmother. What the fuck? I chuckled and got up. I went back to my car and I started driving. I had some people tailing Jonathan. This gon be the last time I do some illegal.

I got Jonathan's mothers address. I got there and I saw that his car was there too. I parked my car and went inside. I saw that his whole family was outside having lunch or whatever. I made my way to them. All eyes were on me now. He saw me then got up.

Jonathan: What the fuck are you doing....

Before he can even finish his sentence I punched the shit outta him. He fell down and I got on top of him then repeatedly starting throwing punches at his face.


The old lady said, preferably his mother. Three people tried to get me off of him but I wasn't budging. I dug my nails into his neck as I was choking him.

Me: You think you can put your hands on her and get away with it huh?

I said chuckling.

Me: Bitch ass nigga.

Two more people came and the five of them successfully pulled me off of him. He was on the floor unconscious.

Old lady: Leave before I call the cops.

I then saw Jonathan's brother, Armando or something.

Armando: Thanks.

The old lady looked at him confused as fuck. I nodded my head at him and left. I got in my car and drove to my mothers house. I made my way to the back of the house and started climbing.

I finally made it into my old room and washed up because I didn't want Adonis to see the amount of blood I had on me. I got out my room and made my way in the house.


Adonis: DADDY!!!

Where's his short ass? I heard his footsteps coming from the play room. He then came into the lounge and jumped into my arms. This kid gon tackle me one day. I picked him up.

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