Chapter 78

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Damn a year went by really quickly huh? Adonis is now 3 years old and guess what? Baby number 2 is on his way. Yeah Lulu's 5 months pregnant with another boy. She wanted a girl this time but shit happens. Now imma have 2 mini me's.

Lulu: BABY!!!

Not gonna lie, tending to a pregnant woman's needs is hard and annoying as fuck. She's always moody, hungry and tired. I went downstairs and saw her in her doctors uniform. She looks so cute.

Me: You back now mama?

She nodded her head and sat down. She's always tired when she gets back from work so I cook for her, clean the house, wash the clothes and run her a bath. Yeah I'm kinda a stay at home dad. Just tryna help out you know.

I went back upstairs and I got her pajamas. Then I got a bucket and poured warm water in it. I then poured some liquid soap. I went downstairs and I took off everything she had on and left her in her underwear. I put helped her pajamas on her and she put her feet in the water.

Lulu: I needed this.

I sat down and started massaging her feet. She laid back and put her hands on her stomach. Her feet are really swollen. My poor girl.

Me: So how was work mama?

Lulu: Oh don't get me started.

As she said while getting comfortable. I chuckled because at her workplace there's always some drama there.

Me: I'm listening ma.

Lulu: So do you remember that nurse I told you about? The one that had sex with a patient?

I nodded my head. Her workplace is crazy as fuck.

Lulu: She now sexually harassed a surgeon.

Bitches are crazy.

Lulu: The surgeon pressed charges on her and she got arrested at work today. And you won't believe what happened next?

Me: What happened mama? (chuckling).

Lulu: She spilt everyone's tea. Talking bout how when the nurses mess up at work they suck the patients so they don't get sued. That some other doctors steal medication and sell it on the side andddd how some of them are doing facial reconstruction surgery's on criminals so they look like a completely different person.

See what I mean? That place is crazy.

Me: Yeah you ain't working there no more.

Lulu: I knew you'd say that so I'm getting transferred to another hospital this week.

That's my girl.

Me: Good cause I was about to shoot up that whole place.

Lulu: You crazy.

Me: Crazy for you (chuckling).

She smiled before giggling and I smiled right back.

Lulu: Your so dumb (giggling).

We then heard the door open and close.

Adonis: MOMMY?! DADDY?!

Me: We're in here Adonis.

I then saw Lulu's dad coming into the lounge carrying Adonis. He also had a plastic bag.

Adonis: Look what pop pop got me mommy.

He said happy as fuck.

Lulu: Lemme see.

He put Adonis down and he then sat down next to his mother.

3much: Sup Rick?

Me: None much, just tending to your daughters wants and needs 3much, how bout you?

3much: I'm just tryna keep up with that little nigga.

Lulu: Daddy what did I tell you about cussing around Adonis?

Damn I almost spoke.

3much: My bad baby. Ay Ricky lemme holla at you real quick.

I nodded my head and got up. Lulu pouted.

Lulu: But he was massaging my feet.

3much: I won't take too much of his time sweetie.

She nodded her head and watched Adonis show her the toys he got. I gave her a kiss on the forehead then Lulu's dad and I went outside.

Me: So whatchu wanna talk about?

3much: Look man I know you and I have had some differences in the past. I see how you make both of them happy and I just like to thank you for that. I didn't trust your bitch ass the moment I saw you in my house but now you proved to me that your a real man, a good one too. Thanks man.

That's one weird compliment but I'll take it. We dapped each other up.

Me: That means a lot to me. Hey I wanna ask you something.

3much: What is it?

Me: I'd like to ask you for your daughters hand in marriage.

He looked startled.

3much: You wanna marry my daughter?

Me: I mean why not? We've been together for so long, we've been through a lot of things and we have another kid on the way. I don't see myself settling down with anyone besides her.

He looked uneasy.

Me: Look I know in the past I haven't been a great partner to your daughter but we have a family now and I've changed for them. All I need right now is your blessing.

He looked like he was thinking. He then sighed.

3much: Alright man, I'll let you marry my daughter.

Fuck yeah. I was doing a whole backflip, but on the inside.

Me: Thank you so much man.

I said dapping him up. Now all that's left is proposing to Lulu and I know exactly how to do that. Her dad left and I went back inside.

Lulu: What are you guys talking about?

Adonis: Uh uh mommy, mind your own business.

I looked at him like "damn". Over the past year Adonis has gotten a really smart mouth. It must be his kiddo shows that's teaching him all these stuff.

Lulu: Wow, my own kid is my enemy? (giggling).

I chuckled and resumed rubbing her feet. Adonis laid his head on Lulu's belly.

Adonis: Mommy he's moving.

Lulu: Say hi to your baby brother.

Adonis: Hi baby brother, my names Adonis and I can't wait till you get here. I'm gonna love you, take care of you and share my toys with you. Mommy says you have 4 months to get here and I can't wait to meet you.

I saw that Lulu was crying.

Lulu: That's so cute.

It be them hormones but I honestly can't wait to have another Ricky around.

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To be continued.....

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