Chapter 58

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So today Jonathan wants me to meet his son Kylian. Although he told me his mother isn't in the picture, she recently came back and she has Kylian. But Jonathan is on his way with him as we speak.

I hope his baby mother ain't gon be annoying like Gina. I'm currently in the lounge with Armando and we're playing video games. I'm beating his ass lmao.

Armando: How the fuck do you keep winning?

Me: How the fuck do you keep losing?

I said and he glared at me. We're playing mortal combat right now and I'm whooping his ass. I heard the front door open then close. I then saw Jonathan coming into the lounge carrying Kylian. He sat Kylian down and went upstairs. What's wrong with him?

Armando: Wassup Kylian?

Kylian: Man man.

He said sitting on Armando's lap. I went upstairs to check on Jonathan and ask why he just left Kylian like that when he was supposed to introduce me to him. I got into our room to see him on our bed.

Me: Baby are you okay?

I said and he looked at me. He sighed and sat up while I sat beside him.

Me: You know you can talk to me about anything.

Jonathan: I know.

Me: So what's the problem?

Jonathan: His fucking bitchass mother is the problem. That bitch left Kylian with me when he was 2 months old and left us for a nigga that be the same age as her father. Now she's back because she wants to have a relationship with him? Nah fuck that shit man.

I've never seen him so mad before. I cupped his face in my hands and made him look at me.

Me: Baby calm down okay? She might have her reasons as to why she did what she did.

After I finished saying that he got up hella quick looking at me like I'm dumb as fuck.

Jonathan: Reasons? Man fuck that. I don't give two fucks about why she left. All I wanna know is why is she back?

Me: Okay I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said it like that but baby she's still his mother and that will never change. Do you really wanna take this to court with your criminal record?

Yeah I know about his criminal record. I mean he's Antonio's boss for fuck sakes.

Me: You know they'll favour her more than you. Do you really want them to take Kylian away from you?

I said and he sighed.

Jonathan: No man.

Me: So just let her see him and if she's not fit to be a mother then I'll be the one to take her to court.

His eyes lit up. You can see the happiness in his eyes.

Jonathan: You serious?

Me: I mean why not? I'm the only one that doesn't have a criminal record between the 3 of us (giggling).

Jonathan: You think you funny?

He said kissing me all over and making me giggling a lot. He then stopped and looked at me.

Jonathan: I don't know what I'll do without you.

The feelings mutual.

Jonathan: Now come on, lemme go introduce you to Kylian.

He said extending his hand to me. I grabbed his hand and we went downstairs. We saw Kylian sitting quietly and watching Armando play video games. He's such a good baby. I wish my kid gon be like that.

Jonathan: Kylian?

Kylian: Yes daddy.

He said getting up from the couch and standing in front of us. He's so tiny man he's so cute. Jonathan then kneeled down.

Jonathan: I want you to meet the most amazing woman that means the world to daddy.

Awww. I'm screaming on the inside.

Jonathan: This is daddy's girlfriend Lulu but you can call her mommy.

He said and they both looked up at me then waved at me.

Kylian: Hi mommy Lulu.

Well damn that was fast.

Me: Hey there little baby.

Kylian: Im no baby, I'm a thug.

Oop. Okay then. Jonathan chuckled on the side.

Jonathan: Yeah he's got a smart ass mouth.

I nodded my head.

Kylian: What's that?

He said pointing to my stomach.

Me: That's my baby.

Kylian: Brother?

He said looking at his dad and Jonathan simply nodded.

Kylian: Can I touch please?

He said and I nodded. I can't say no to him man he's so adorable. I sat down and he sat beside me. He placed his tiny little hands on my stomach. I felt a kick and I guess Kylian did too because he quickly pulled his hands away.

Kylian: Daddy he moved.

Jonathan: That means he likes you.

Kylian: He likes me?

Me: Yeah and he wants to bond with you.

He made an "O" face. He laid his head on stomach and he looked pretty focused. A few more kicks started coming out of nowhere.

Kylian: Daddy he's moving again!!

He said excitedly and Jonathan chuckled. I looked over to him to see he was recording us. I smiled at the camera and did a peace sign. He lowered his phone and started typing. I felt my phone vibrate to see that he posted the video on his story on Instagram.

Jonathan: You guys looked cute.

He said. A few hours passed. Kylian and I were bonding perfectly. We were in the guest room playing with his toys. We then heard a big knock at the door. I heard the door open then close and I heard a woman shouting.


Oh so she's his mother. I heard loud footsteps coming upstairs. I then saw a girl come into the room with tattoos. But I noticed that these tattoos were of Jonathan's face. She looked really ghetto.

Her: What the fuck is she doing with my son?

Jonathan: Chrisean you better get your ass downstairs right now fore I drag you.

Chrisean: I dare you bitch ass nigga. Kylian let's go.

She said grabbing Kylian but he pulled away from her and stood behind me using me as a shield.

Chrisean: Give me back my son bitch.

Me: Bitch? Bitch you don't know me anddd it looks like Kylian doesn't wanna go with your psychotic ass.

She looked at me weirdly. She began taking her earrings off as if she's scaring anyone. She charged at me. I simply pulled Kylian away to the side while she collided with the wall. I watched as she spat out blood and a tooth.

Jonathan: Time to go.

Jonathan said grabbing her and pulling her out of the room. Damn bitches be mad clumsy these days I said laughing.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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