Chapter 38

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I gasped for air as I woke up. My breathing was heavy and I was sweating. I looked around to see that I'm in bed with Ricky. I started crying hard. So that was all a dream? My friends dying, my baby dying and me dying was all a dream?

What kinda fucked up dream is that?!!! It felt so real. I thought I was dead. I bawled up and cried more. Ricky eventually woke up and saw me in this crying state.

Ricky: Baby what's wrong?

I felt his arms wrap around me.

Ricky: What's wrong with you man?

He made me sit properly and look at him. Tears wouldn't stop falling down. That dream traumatised me for real. He wiped each tear that fell.

Ricky: Talk to me.

He looked me deep in my eyes as if he's looking into my soul.

Me: I-it's n-nothing.

Ricky: Nah you not about to fuck with my sleep and tell me it's nothing. There's honestly something wrong so tell me.

Me: I h-had a n-nightmare.

He then tilted his head at me and laughed. I shouldn't have told his bitchass.

Ricky: Nightmares are for little kids.

I don't know why I bother. I got up only to be pulled back into bed by him.

Ricky: Okay I'm sorry. What was it about?

Me: Nevermind.

Ricky: Nah you gonna tell me. It must be serious if your this spooked out about it.

He sat criss cross on the bed facing me and I did the same.

Me: We had a baby.....

Ricky: Was it a boy?

Me: If you don't shut the fuck up I won't tell you.

He kept quiet.

Me: Yeah and it was a boy. All of our friends came over to see him because they haven't seen him since we left the hospital. They all surrounded him and looked at him. He was so beautiful, he was perfect and he looked exactly like you.

He nodded his head meaning that I should continue.

Me: Everything was perfectly fine. We were all laughing and enjoying each other's company until someone knocked on the door. Riley went to go get it. When she did they shot and killed her right there. You and I ran away to the basement when a dozen men killed all of our friends. Omar, Sheronda, Ayisha and even Santiago. Everyone was dead Ricky.

He looked at me with a concerned look. Tears started falling again.

Me: You tried to protect us but we had nowhere to go. You told us that you loved us and apologised for what's about to happen. You opened the door and they came in. They then took us upstairs where they killed our baby in front of us.

He then looked uneasy. He looked tense.

Me: They shot him in front of us. I have never felt so broken in my life. They told me that it's all your fault and they looked at me. They killed me in front of you Ricky and that's when I woke up.

He didn't say anything. He just kept quiet.

Me: Say something.

He then sighed.

Ricky: That will never happen Lulu.

Me: How do you know Ricky? Your wanted dead by so many people.

Ricky: It's normal for.......

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