Chapter 45

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Ricky decided to take me out and watch this new Puss in boots movie. The movie was amazing and I liked that fox guy. We got out the cinema and went to get some ice cream.

Ricky: What do you want ma?

Me: Chocolate chip cookie.

He nodded his head and told the ice cream guy. He gave us our ice cream and Ricky paid. We sat down by the fountain and we started eating our ice cream.

Me: Thanks for taking me out today baby.

Ricky: Anything for you baby.

I think he really changed this time.

Person: Ricky?

Never mind. I looked behind me to see some light skin slim girl.

Ricky: What do you want Monica?

Monica: To know why you ghosted me.

Ricky: I have a girlfriend now man.

Tell her baby.

Monica: You have a girlfriend?

She said laughing.

Me: What's so funny?

Monica: What's funny is that Ricky and I been together last week but here he is saying your his girlfriend.

She has to be joking right. I shouldn't jump to conclusions so I just laughed.

Me: My boyfriend was with me last week girly.

Monica: You sure about that?

She said bringing out her phone. Ricky then looked uneasy. She faced her phone at me. It was a picture of her and Ricky in bed. What the fuck?

Me: That's probably an old picture.

Monica: Look again.

She said and I looked at the top of the image where the date and time were. It was last week. I looked at Ricky in disbelief. His face was filled with so much guilt.

Me: I'm so done with you.

I said getting up and pushing that Monica bitch into the fountain before I left.

Monica: YOU DUMB HOE!!

I have no energy to turn back to be honest. I went outside and I waited for my Uber. I then saw Jonathan's car slow down in front of me.

Jonathan: Where you going?

Me: I'm going home.

Jonathan: Get in.

He said and as I was just about to get in his car I felt my arm being grabbed. I turned around and I saw Ricky.

Ricky: Where you going man?

Me: I'm going home now let me go.

Ricky: Who's this nigga?

Me: That's none of your business Ricky. We ain't together.

He gave me a "the fuck" face.

Ricky: Man why you always gotta do this?

Me: Goodbye Ricky.

I snatched my hand back and got into Jonathan's car. He then started driving to my house. I don't know what happened but I bursted into tears. I can't believe that bitch ass nigga.

I can't believe I was dumb enough to stay with him even after he cheated on me with multiple women. Am I not enough for him? I felt the car come to a stop. My seatbelt was removed and I found myself on Jonathan's lap.

Jonathan: You don't need that fool ma.

Even though I knew I was too good to be true for Ricky, I loved that man with my whole heart.

Jonathan: You need a real nigga that's gon love you and treat you the way you should. And I'm here for that mama. Imma make you happy and I'm gon make you forget bout that bitch ass nigga.

He wiped all my tears away and gave me a kiss. I folded y'all. From crying my eyes out to full on kissing Jonathan. I pulled away from him.

Me: I-I just need time.

Jonathan: Take all the time you need princess.

I nodded my head and got off his lap. We resumed our drive and I finally made it home.

Me: Thank you driving me back home.

Jonathan: It's all good. Now go inside so you can rest.

I nodded my head but before leaving I have Jonathan a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He then left and I got inside. I saw my dad sitting in the lounge so I went over to him.

Me: You were right.

He looked at me weirdly and he lowered the volume.

Dad: About what?

Me: About Ricky, about us being in a relationship and that he's not good for me.

I then felt tears brewing in my eyes.

Me: I wasn't enough for him dad (crying).

He got up and hugged me. My heart is broken man. I loved him with everything I had in me and I was actually ready to settle down with him. I gave him my mind, my body and my soul. More importantly I gave him my virginity and I still couldn't make him stop cheating on me.

Dad: No don't say that baby. Your an amazing person, he just didn't deserve you.

Really? If he didn't deserve me then why did I feel like he did at some point? We pulled away from the hug and I saw how soaked his T-shirt is.

Dad: Look, love is different for all of us. Some are meant to fall in love and some aren't. That boy was never gon treat you right but I know that you loved him.

I really did.

Dad: But love isn't enough to make a relationship work. Your shit was one sided. You gave your all baby.

Me: I gave my all and it still wasn't good enough.

Dad: That's his loss sweetie. You'll find someone in future who's gon treat you like the princess you are. But right now, you just gotta focus on school. Okay?

I nodded my head. Bro I trusted that man with all my life and where did that get me? It got me stabbed and heartbroken. What did I do to deserve this?

Dad: Now go upstairs. I'll bring you some food and some pills for your headache because I know you'll have one.

Me: Thanks dad.

I said hugging him again. I went upstairs and got into my room. I laid down and went to sleep. I need a break from reality.

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To be continued.....

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