Chapter 70

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Today I have another session and I don't want Lulu knowing about it. Well nobody knows I go to therapy.

Me: Baby?

Lulu: We're in here.

I got into our room to see her putting clothes on Adonis.

Adonis: Daddy I clean now.

I chuckled and made my way to them.

Me: I gotta go, will you guys be okay alone?

Lulu: Where you going?

Me: My momma called me saying she wants to go grocery shopping and she don't wanna go with the guards.

Lulu: Oh, well say hello to your mom for us and we'll be just fine.

I gave Adonis a kiss on the forehead and I gave Lulu a kiss.

Adonis: Yuck.

Me: Mind your own business.

He squinted his eyes at me while Lulu just giggled.

Me: Imma see y'all later.

Adonis: Bye daddy. I yayu.


I said walking downstairs. I got in my car and drove to my therapists building. I walked in and checked it with the receptionist. I got in the room and sat down. My therapist then walked in.

Katrina: Hello Ricky.

She said as she sat down.

Me: Hey Katrina.

Katrina: How you doing?

Me: I'm good and you?

Katrina: I'm well thank you, shall we get started?

I nodded my head.

Katrina: So tell me what's been going on, cause you missed a few of the sessions.

I chuckled.

Me: Yeah my bad for that man. Lulu and my son moved in with me. It's hard to keep up with the little man, he's so energetic.

Katrina: That's amazing, how are you with Lulu now?

Me: We're good, well we actually got back together (chuckling).

She looked ecstatic.

Katrina: Congratulations for getting your woman back Ricky.

Me: I appreciate it.

Katrina: So she's the cause of this glow I see in you, your way more happy now.

Me: Yeah man I am. They make me happy.

Katrina: Well then I don't know why you chose to come in today. Everything seems to be going good for you.

Yeah it probably is.

Me: Maybe.

Katrina: What makes you say that?

Me: I just wanna do this shit right again man. I ain't tryna lose them right now.

Katrina: What do you mean?

Me: I mean I want shit to run smoothly this time. I wanna have a happy family, get married and supposedly have more kids with her in future.

Katrina: Have you told her this?

Me: Not yet.

Katrina: Why not?

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