Chapter 23

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I can't stop thinking about yesterday. The came back like a flood. I fucking hate that nigga ong. I wanted to fuck but I couldn't just give my virginity away like that, especially after he been cheating on me.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door. I went downstairs and opened the door. I rolled my eyes when I saw who it is.

Me: What?

Ricky: Is that how you greet your boyfriend?

Does this nigga seriously think we're still together after all the shit he's done to me? Wow he's funny. Deadass.

Me: I made it clear a week ago that we're not together anymore. Now get the fuck outta my yard before I call the cops again.

He sighed and moved me to the side then walked inside the house. This nigga boutta annoy the shit outta me.

Me: I said get the fuck outta here man.

He sat down and patted the empty seat next to him. I guess motioning me to sit next to him. I honestly got annoyed because one, I don't wanna talk to him and two, I told him to get out.

Me: That's it, I'm calling the cops.

I made my way to the telephone and picked it up. He got up hella fast and took it outta my hand then slamming it down.

Ricky: I just wanna talk to you man. I don't wanna argue.

Me: Well I don't wanna talk to you Ricky.

Ricky: Please mama.

For some reason I gave in and we both sat down. I sat across from him though cause I don't want this nigga beside me.

Me: Talk.

He looked at me in my eyes but I looked away. Really not in the mood to have a staring contest with this nigga.

Ricky: I just wanna apologise about last week and how insensitive I was. I didn't mean the things I said to you man.

Is he serious right now? I been telling him when he hurts my feelings but he never listens.

Me: Nah you obviously did because if you didn't, you wouldn't have said the things you said.

Ricky: I was just stressed out with work.

Me: You mean drug dealing that is. Nigga I got out the hospital after being in a coma for 3 weeks and all you were thinking of was work?

I furrowed my eyes at him.

Ricky: That's not what I'm tryna say.

Me: Then what the fuck are you trying to say Ricky? Because I really don't understand anymore.

He started rubbing his hand through his hair and sighed.

Ricky: Man this is hard.

Me: Yeah hard for me, to deal with your shit any longer. You deadass cheated on me more than 3 times, that I know of and you expect me to take you back? Nah man I'm good for real this time (laughing).

I got up and went to the kitchen with him following me.

Ricky: We're not breaking up Lulu.

Me: Yeah that's cute.

Ricky: I mean it.

I hummed and got my snacks. I walked back into the lounge only to be pulled back and slammed into the wall. I looked at a very pissed off Ricky.

Ricky: We're not breaking up and I put that on my pops grave. I'll fucking kill you if you try to leave me.

Oop he looks kinda sexy like this. I tried to smile but I didn't give in. I made myself stiff and he his face softened.

Ricky: I'm sorry man and I promise imma do better by your side like ho you been by mine. I put that on my life.

I then rolled my eyes. I still didn't give in which made him sigh.

Ricky: What do you want man? Hugs? Kisses? Money? Food? You wanna go shopping? I'll take you shopping. Just name it and I'll do anything to make you happy.

Okay that's kinda cute and what he said made me smile but I still had my arms crossed.

Me: I want hugs and kisses daily, even if your working you'll come whenever I call or text you. Your gonna take me on dates every Friday and Saturday night. Your gonna give me money which will be any amount I say anddddd your taking me shopping for being such a bitch. I need some ice on me too.

Ricky: Anything you want baby (smiling).

I gave him a hug and he kissed me on my forehead.

Ricky: Oh and I wanna introduce you to my family tomorrow.

Wait what the fuck?

Me: What? No I'm not ready.

Ricky: Come on man it's just my family.

Me: I don't know Ricky.

He shrugged and went into the lounge. I followed him and sat beside him.

Ricky: There's no need to be nervous, besides my momma already knows about you and she wants to meet you.

Me: How does she know about me?

Ricky: I always talk about you with her you dumbass.

That's so cute man.

Me: You talk about me with your momma?

Ricky: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

He raised his eyebrow at me. I shook my head no and smiled at his dumbass.

Me: Nope, no problem at all.

Ricky: Then shut the fuck up and come over here (smiling).

I got up and straddled him. He rested his hands on my ass. He gripped my neck and brought me closer to him. Soon our lips collided and our lips immediately moved in sync.

In the kiss I felt something begin to poke me. It kept poking me harder. I don't know why but I started moving back and forth. His grip on my waist got tighter and tighter. I heard him groan in the kiss and that was kinda sexy.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked at me with low eyes. The look in his eyes told me everything, they were filled with so much lust.

Ricky: Get your virgin ass off of me before I fuck the shit outta you.

That sent chills down my spine but I caught one thing he said and I made a weird face at him.

Me: How'd you know I'm a virgin?

Ricky: Ayisha told me (chuckling).

Oh that bitch.

Me: Will that be a problem?

He shook his head no.

Ricky: Nah man. I'll wait for you.

That made butterflies in my stomach appear. I can't believe I got with this lucky man.

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To be continued.....

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