Chapter 77

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So today we're all going out to have some fun cause it's been a while. Ayisha is with me right now and Santiago is downstairs with Ricky. I'm trying to look for an outfit for Adonis. I pulled out a yellow T-shirt.


Oh my God bro. I had on a white T-shirt and pulling out that yellow one was a mistake.


I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. He then came into the room.

Ricky: Yes mama?

He shouldn't be calling me that in front of these two kids, yes I'm talking about Adonis and Ayisha.

Me: Adonis wants to match again so we're gonna dress like you.

He chuckled and went into the walk-in closet. I followed him and took off the outfit I had on. Kids are a lot of work guys. Don't have them. I looked in the mirror to see his eyes glued onto me. He then bit his lip at me.

Ricky: Don't take your clothes off in front of me.

Me: Oh be quiet (giggling).

I began looking through my clothes to find something that looks exactly the same as Ricky's outfit. I felt his hands on my waist and I felt his print on my ass. I bit my lip at the contact but I'm not gonna give in.

Me: Ricky stop.

I said trying to push him away but he wouldn't budge.

Ricky: Come on mama, I'll be quick.

This man is always lying.

Me: Adonis and Ayisha are literally in the next room.

Ricky: You think I care? (chuckling).

He said as he rubbed me through my underwear. He then pulled my underwear down and got on his knees. I saw his head pop up from under me and he latched his mouth on my second pair of lips.


I covered my mouth and moaned into it. He chuckled which sent vibrations onto my clit and that made me feel more pleasure. I hate this nigga so much.

Ricky always likes having sex in places we can get caught in. I don't know why. We've had sex in a restaurants restroom, the beach, the park, man the list is endless.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt his tongue inside of me. I hate this nigga. He began sucking on my clit like a damn pacifier. He then slid in two of his fingers, pumping them in and out while still eating me out.

My legs started shaking a lil and he started chuckling which sent vibrations to my clit. Ooouuu I hate him. He kept going till I came. He got up and wiped his face with the back of his hand then licked it. That sent chills down my spine.

Me: Nasty ass.

He chuckled then picked me up and leaned me against the wall.

Ricky: Put it in.

Ain't gotta tell me twice. I reached down and I put it in myself. I then wrapped my arms around his neck and held on for dear life. I felt him thrusting into me.

I laid my head on his shoulder and took all of it. Ricky is pretty big down there, even I can't handle all of it but I take it like a bad bitch.

Me: I-it's t-too much.

Never mind.

Ricky: I know mama but you gotta take this dick.

I felt him getting harder inside me. Are you fucking kidding me? He then began to quicken his pace making me bite onto him neck.

Ricky: Fuck.

In this position he feels like he's in my stomach, it's a weird feeling but it's also nice. I began whimpering when he hit my spot.

Ricky: You like that mama?

Me: Yeah (whimpering).

Ricky: Yeah?

Me: Y-yeah.

He chuckled again and kept going at that pace. It feels so good. My head hung back as I felt myself reaching my high.

As soon as I came he put me down. He turned me around and made me face the wall. I held onto the wall when I felt him sliding in again.

He gripped my sides and held them tight as he fucked me at a very fast pace, also hitting my spot each time.

Me: Mmm, right there.

I said loudly.

Ricky: Shhh, you gotta be more quiet mama (chuckling).

I real life hate this man. My whimpers were getting louder and louder by the second. I then heard Adonis talking.

Adonis: Where's mommy and daddy?

He's only noticing now that we're gone? This kid. I then heard Ayisha's voice.

Ayisha: I don't know, let's go look for them.


Me: R-Ricky....

Ricky: I'm almost done baby (groaning).

He dug his thumbs in my back dimples and he increased his pace. I almost let a high pitched moan up until he grabbed my face and covered my mouth. Thank God. Ayisha and Adonis were a few inches from coming in.

Ayisha: I think they're downstairs.

Adonis: When did they get out?

Ayisha: While you were too busy with your IPad.

I love Ayisha and I know I owe her for this. I heard their footsteps getting farther away from us.

Ricky: Fuck (groaning).

He said as I felt his grip on my waist getting tighter. A few more strokes and I felt him filling me up. He pulled out and I felt his cum running down my leg.

Ricky: Imma get a towel.

I was too busy catching my breath to even care. He came back with a towel and he cleaned me up. He got up and started putting his clothes on.

Ricky: Damn we almost got caught (chuckling).

I then began hitting him.

Ricky: Ay chill ma (laughing).

He said blocking my hits.

Me: Adonis almost caught us puto.

Ricky: But he didn't.

He said coming beside me and kissing me. I mushed his face away from me.

Me: Get the hell away from me.

Ricky: I love you too baby (chuckling).

He said walking out of the walk-in closet. Crazy ass. I walked out the walk-in closet and went downstairs. Ayisha, Adonis and Santiago were sitting on the couch.

Adonis: Mommy where were you and daddy?

Me: We had to get the clothes out of the dryer baby.

Ayisha: Mmmm. You owe me.

Me: I know I know (giggling).

Ricky: Aight let's go.

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To be continued.....

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