Chapter 62

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Well I missed you guys. It's been a very long time, well not that long. Lemme update y'all. As you guys know I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy ever and now Adonis is 2 years old. He's very talkative. Oh I graduated a year ago and now I'm a paediatrician.

I still live with Jonathan and his little brother Armando. My dad and I haven't talked in a while, that's because I don't want to after what happened that day.

Adonis: MOMMY!!


I heard my baby's little footsteps. Him and I are inseparable. He came into the kitchen and stood beside me. He's very small.

Adonis: What mommy doing?

He said and I picked him up. I placed him on my hip so he can see what I'm doing.

Me: Mommy is making breakfast.

Adonis: Beakfast?

Me: Yep, now whatchu wanna eat?

Adonis: Pancakes mommy.

Me: Okay baby, give a few minutes okay?

He nodded his head and I sat him in his high chair. Kylian then came into the kitchen all dressed up.

Adonis: KYLIAN!!

Kylian: Hey Don Don.

He said getting up on a chair and sitting next to Adonis. He then hugged Adonis. I love their relationship. Kylian is 5 years old now and he goes to kindergarten whereas Adonis stays at home because he's still too young for kindergarten.

Kylian: Hi mommy Lulu.

Me: Hey baby, you want some pancakes too?

Kylian: Yes please.

He politely said, I love this kid honestly. I then finished making their pancakes and I gave it to them. They then started having their own conversations while I made breakfast for Jonathan and I.

Adonis: You gon go today too?

Kylian: Yeah but I'll be back soon.

Adonis: I no want you to go Kylian.

Adonis said so sadly. You can tell by the sound of his voice that he doesn't want Kylian to go.

Kylian: I know but I have to go Don Don.

He said and I saw that my baby was beginning to get more sad. I think Kylian noticed too.

Kylian: Don't worry Don Don, I'll be back before you know it. I'll bring you something and then we can play all day okay?

Adonis happily smiled and began to devour his pancakes.

Me: Hey slow down before you choke.

He looked up at me and started eating slowly. He gets his appetite from his damn dead beat dad. Jonathan then came into the kitchen.

Jonathan: Morning fam.

He said kissing Adonis and Kylian on the forehead.

Kylian: Hi dad.

Adonis: Hi Jon Jon.

Adonis said and I giggled. Jonathan rolled his eyes and walked over to me. Adonis still hasn't called Jonathan dad or daddy yet. Jonathan hugged me from behind and kissed me on the cheek.

Jonathan: Morning mama.

Me: You look like your in a good mood (smiling).

Jonathan: Waking up next to you makes my day everyday.

He's so sweet.

Adonis: Nasty.

Adonis said and we faced them.

Jonathan: Mind your own business Don Don.

He stuck his tongue out at Jonathan. Omg these two.

Jonathan: Now if I leave him outside I'll be the mean one.

Me: Leave my baby alone (giggling).

He rolled his eyes and stood beside me.

Jonathan: What's for breakfast?

Me: Just some eggs, bacon, tomato and toast for today.

He nodded his head.

Jonathan: I think it's time I put a ring on that finger.

Me: Yeah it is (giggling).

I gave him his food and he sat at the table while I tidied up.

Jonathan: So your dad gon pick Adonis up again or you gonna drop him off?

Adonis goes to my dad's house everyday because my dad works at home now and he takes care of Adonis for us. Yeah he loves Adonis and after 6 months I give birth, he reached out to me and we fixed things. Now he LOVES Adonis.

Me: Nah it's okay. I'll take him.

He nodded his head and they all finished eating.

Adonis: Mommy I done now.

He said and I saw how dirty he was. Omg.

Me: I can see that baby, good job.

He smiled hardly. I love seeing my baby so happy.

Kylian: Here Adonis, lemme help you.

He said getting a cloth, beginning to wipe Adonis's hands and face cause he made a big mess.

Adonis: Tank you Kylian.

Kylian: No problem Don Don.

I love these two so much.

Jonathan: Okay Kylian, time to go to school now. You don't wanna be late.

Kylian: Okay dad.

He said getting down his chair slowly and getting his bag. I took Adonis out his high chair and we followed behind Jonathan. We stood outside and Adonis started waving.


Kylian: BYE ADONIS!!

This is so cute yet heartbreaking. I just wish Kylian can stay home all day everyday with Adonis. We watched the car make a turn outside the gate and then they were gone.

Me: So whatchu wanna do today?

Adonis: Go to Pop pops.

He said. He calls my dad Pop pop. I don't know why but my dad loves it.

Me: Okay let's go take a bath.

I always take a bath with Adonis cause whenever I bath him he splashes water everywhere.

We took a bath together and I put some clothes on him. He looks so adorable.

Adonis: Mommy match match pease?

I nodded my head and picked out the same outfit he had on. He giggled when he saw I was wearing the same outfit he was. I picked him up and walked downstairs.

Me: Let's go to pop pops.

Adonis: YAY!!

I strapped him in his car seat, I got in the car and I started driving to my dads house. We got there and I opened the door walking in.

Me: DAD!!

He came downstairs.

Dad: Hey you two.

Adonis: POP POP!!

He said fidgeting in my hands and I put him down. He then ran to my dad and he picked him up.

Dad: You getting big.

Adonis: I drink milk a lot.

He's 2 years old and he talks a lot.

Dad: When will you pick him up?

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