Chapter 39

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I was currently alone right now. Everyone left to get some food and the girls went shopping. I didn't wanna go out cause what if I ran into Malik with Ricky around? That shit would've went left quickly.

I heard a knock at the door so I got up and went to it. When I opened it, I was shocked. I quickly closed the door but he put his foot in before it can fully shut. He pushed it open making me fall on my ass.

Malik: Your not stronger than me Lulu (chuckling).

Me: What are you doing here?

I tried my best to look brave but on the inside, I'm scared shitless. I'm all alone. Who knows what he can do to me?

Malik: I came to talk to you since the last time we spoke I beat your niggas ass.

Hold up. Didn't Ricky beat your ass though? Lmao. Can't change the script boy. But what confuses me is, how did he know I was alone?

Me: What do you want Malik?

Malik: I want you back baby.

He helped me get up. Well that's a first.

Malik: And I don't like you being around this bitch ass nigga.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

Me: You need to leave before they come back and beat you up again.

Malik: They ain't beating shit ma. Come back to me baby.

I heard a few crocks. Sounded like they came from a gun.

Santiago: She ain't coming back to your bum ass.

Malik simply chuckled and turned around. Thank God it was only Santiago.

Santiago: Didn't I tell your bitch ass to never come back here?

Malik: Imma keep coming back until my girl decides to leave with me.

Santiago: She got a whole nigga man, a crazy one too. So you better get the fuck outta here before he comes back.

Me: Malik please go. I don't want you guys causing a scene again.

Malik: Does it look like I give a fuck? I ain't going nowhere till your ass has finished packing.

Me: Packing? Im not going anywhere with you Malik.

Santiago: Thank you now get the fuck out.

He looked at me dead in the eyes.

Malik: Im not done with you.

I sighed and watched him leave. This shit is tiring man.

Santiago: What did that nigga want?

Me: He wanted me to leave with him.

He nodded his head and put his gun away.

Me: Please don't tell Ricky about this.

Santiago: You know I can't hide none from Ricky's crazy ass man. That's my boy.

Me: I know but he doesn't need to know about this. Malik didn't do anything to me this time.

Santiago: I know man but...

Me: Please don't tell him.

He sighed and nodded his head. He then got a call.

Santiago: Hello? What? What the fuck happened man? Alright we're on our way.

We're? What happened.

Me: What's going on?

Santiago: Ricky's been shot.

My whole world came crumbling down. I grabbed my car keys and we got in my car. I started driving to the hospital. Tears started falling down because I started thinking about if he's alive or not.

We got out the car and went inside. We got to the waiting room and we saw everyone there. Ayisha and Sheronda were crying, also covered in blood. What the fuck happened? Santiago went over to Ayisha.

Santiago: Baby are you okay?

Ayisha: There was so much blood. We tried to stop it.

She then looked at me.

Ayisha: I'm sorry Lulu.

She better not be sorry for anything. She tried to help him. I just hope he's okay. The doctor then finally came to us.

Doctor: I suppose you all are here for Mr Richardo Remez Rodriguez?

Me: I'm his wife. Is he okay? What happened to him?

Doctor: Ma'am he was shot 3 times. All the bullets did not hit any important organ and all his arteries were missed. He suffered from internal bleeding but we managed to stop that. He did lose a lot of blood so he may need a donor. His recovery progress is very good. Your husband will be just fine ma'am.

I sighed when I heard that but I can't shake the feeling off that he's in a coma. Damn. I just hope my baby will be okay.

Me: Okay so when can I see him?

Doctor: I think tomorrow will be her best option.

Santiago: You said he needs a donor right? I'll give him my blood.

Doctor: Do you know your blood type sir? Because Mr Rodriguez is blood type O.

Santiago: Nah but you can check me man.

Me: No I'll do it. I'm blood type O.

Doctor: Follow me this way ma'am.

I followed the doctor and he hooked me up on a drip or something. Blood started pouring into a 5 litre tank. Yeah you heard me, 5 litres. I'm gon be drained after this. An hour later we were done. I then went back to everyone at the waiting room.

Santiago: Damn you don't look so good.

Me: I just need something to drink.

Santiago: Got it.

He said as he got up. I sat down and Ayisha sat down beside me. I looked at everyone.

Me: What really happened?

Everyone kept quiet so I looked at Omar. I know he'll tell me everything. He then sighed.

Omar: We went to get some food. Everything was fine man, Ricky left cause he forgot his phone in the car. I went with him cause I wanted to get my wallet. We went to the car, he was in front of me when I bent down to tie my shoelaces. That's when a car drove by and started shooting. I hid behind the other cars and started shooting back but they were long gone. I found him laying there. That's when I called everyone. Ayisha and Sheronda tried to stop the bleeding. We got him in the car and we came here.

I just kept quiet. He's been telling me how paranoid I'm being because of the dream I had. Look now. I sighed and looked down at my fingers. I just hope he'll be okay.

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To be continued.....

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