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I love the that so many people are reading and enjoying my book. I appreciate the love man😫

I only got 5 questions. Lemme know what y'all think.

1.) How has Ricky made you feel up until now?

2.) Is Santiago a good friend to Ricky? And is Ayisha a good friend to Lulu?

3.) How do you feel about Lulu and taking Ricky back so much? Do you think she'll go back to him after he purposely got her pregnant?

4.) How do you think Lulu and Gina's relationship will be in future? Will they get along?

5.) Do you think Ricky will ever change?

Make sure y'all comment. The goal is a 100 comments. No spamming allowed. I'm watching y'all😑oh and let's up that "followers" number or I ain't updating🫵🏽😭

So start commenting and following, thank you😇❤️

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