Chapter 67

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I heard my phone ringing so I picked it up to see who it is. I looked at the caller ID and it was Ricky FaceTiming me. I sighed and picked it up. I then saw my son's cute face.

Phone convo

[Adonis]: HI MOMMY!!

[Me]: Hey baby.

His happy bright smile turned into a sad frown.

[Adonis]: Mommy you no look good.

[Me]: Mommy is just a lil under the weather okay?

[Adonis]: Daddy, mommy no feel good.

I then saw Ricky's hand and he faced  the phone at him. He frowned once he saw my face. Man he ain't gon let this shit go now.

[BD🤰🏼🖤]: What the fuck happened to you?

[Me]: Nothing serious.

He gave me a "the fuck" face.

[BD🤰🏼🖤]: You do see that your face is fucked up right now right? Cause I must be tripping.

[Me]: Look it doesn't matter anymore.

[BD🤰🏼🖤]: I'm coming over.

Phone convo over

He then hung up. I sighed and put my phone down. Damn it's gonna be a long day. 10 minutes went by and I watched as my nurse came in.

Nurse: Someone's here to see you (smiling).

I saw Adonis running into the room. I helped him up on the bed and he sat down beside me. He gave me a kiss before speaking.

Adonis: Hi mommy.

Me: Hey baby. Where's daddy?

He shrugged. My son is so cute. I then saw Ricky coming into the room.

Me: Why'd you bring him here? You know hospitals aren't for kids.

Ricky: What was I supposed to do? He was crying after that call and all he wanted was to see you.

I nodded my head. I mean I can't be mad at him for bringing Adonis because he missed me.

Adonis: Mommy no want Adonis here?

Me: No baby I do want you here. I just know how afraid of doctors you are.

I said giggling. Adonis doesn't like doctors.

Adonis: I know but I miss mommy.

Me: I'm right here baby.

I said snuggling with him. Ricky staring at us the whole time. He kept moving his head and hitting it a lot. I wonder why.

Ricky: What happened to you? Who did this to you?

Me: Ricky it doesn't...

Ricky: I dare you to finish that fucking sentence.

I kept quiet and focused on Adonis.

Ricky: Are you gonna tell me or not?

Me: Ricky not now. Adonis is here.

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