Chapter 28

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He looked at me weirdly.

Ricky: Run that back at me again.

Me: I'm ready Ricky.

His eyes were filled with so much lust and he smiled at me.

Ricky: You don't know how long I waited for this day.

He picked me up and laid me on the bed as I giggled. He got on top of me kissing me all over making moans escape from my mouth. He got up and took all his clothes off leaving himself in his boxers. I felt his hands rubbing up and down my second pair of lips.

Ricky: You bought this sexy ass lingerie for me?

I nodded my head while whimpering. He looked so good and I wanted him to just slut me out already.

Ricky: For that, imma give you the best dick ever.

He grabbed a pillow and got on his knees. He pushed the lingerie panty aside and dived in. My back arched off the bed, I looked down at him but he was already looking at me. Our eyes connected, he was always enthusiastic when eating me out.

Moans flew out of my mouth when he stuck two of his fingers inside me pumping them in and out of me while he continued eating me out. I felt a familiar feeling coming.

Me: R-Ricky.

He hummed which sent vibrations onto my clit and that made me more breathe less. He sent me over the edge when I felt his tongue sliding in and out my hole. I tried moving away from him but he gripped my thighs keeping me in place.

Ricky: Stop running.

He repeatedly stuck his tongue in and out my hole. I couldn't take it anymore.

Me: S-stop I-I can't t-take anymore.

This nigga better stop eating me out before I drown him with my juices. I tried prying his hands off my thighs but he wouldn't budge. I felt my climax coming.

Me: I-I'm g-gonna p-pee.

He chuckled while still eating me out and that was it. I released everything. My body shook violently as I ran down my high. I looked down to see Ricky covered in my juices smiling at me.

Ricky: You make eating pussy so much fun (chuckling).

I covered my face with a pillow and he snatched it away from me and threw it on the floor. I felt his grip on my neck.

Ricky: Look at me when I'm talking to you (growling).

Oh okay daddy.

Ricky: Get up and get on your knees baby.

I didn't even hesitate. I got on my knees and watched for his next move. He got up and tugged on his briefs. My mouth was watering for some reason. He took his boxers off and that thing was huge. It was standing on its own. It touched him above his belly button.

Me: What the fuck!!

I moved away from him and he grabbed my arm pulling me back.

Ricky: It's just 9 inches baby, it ain't that big (chuckling).

Me: T-that w-won't f-fit.

Ricky: We'll make it fit.

I calmed myself down and waited for his next move. He sat down and motioned me to him. I crawled towards him and waited for his instructions.

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