53 [Krystal]

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I thought I was going to die.

When Rage attacked us with a fiery ball, we tried to froze our it's pathway but the fire ball exploded halfway and we were engulfed by the flame. The heat was so intense that the melting rate of my ice was faster than a while ago. I tried freezing the fire but it's too strong and my ice keeps on melting and evaporating.

"Can't freeze my fire, huh?" He smirked and I suddenly have the urge to freeze his filthy mouth.

"Don't be reckless." Hale said as he grabbed my arm and I glared at him in return.

"Kaya ko ang sarili ko. We may have the same enemy but I don't need any help from you."

I stood up pero napaupo agad ako dahil sa biglang taas na pressure. I felt the sudden rise of temperature and even if we're not directly in contact with the fire, we've got some burn marks.

"You're not strong enough to fight him alone." I scowled at him but he ignored it. "So let's do it together." I was about to say something but my lips suddenly felt cold. "And I don't want to hear any objections."

I swear, one day, I'm going to kill this guy and send him straight to hell.

'You can't do that.'

'Shut up. And don't read my mind if you don't want your heart frozen.'

Biglang uminit ulit sa paligid. I don't know if this is Rage's doing or something's happening outside this ring of fire. Kanina si Gemma lang ang nasa ganitong sitwasyon, but now I'm also imprisoned inside this flame...with two annoying bastards.

But if the only way to get out of here is by defeating this fire rascal, then I have no choice but to team up with the ice scoundrel. I want to be with my sister. I want to fight beside her. All this time, I thought she's dead, and yet she's here...protecting and leading us.

Bigla kong naalala lahat ng nangyari thirteen years ago.

The civil war between divisions was at the peak and our parents are part of the government side. I don't have any idea about their positions since I was just six years old but I'm sure Winter has some knowledge about that and some other things. For the past few months, nagtatago lang kami sa loob ng bahay dahil 'yun ang utos nina Mom and Dad. Puro explosions ang naririnig namin sa paligid but we're not allowed to go outside.

"Ate, do you think Mom and Dad are okay?"

"Of course," then Winter smiled at me. "They are strong."

"Pero bakit hindi pa sila umuuwi?"

"Because they are needed by the people."

"Why? How about us?"

"Listen, Krystal. It's their responsibility to serve and protect the people. For them, family is just the second priority. Maiintindihan mo rin lahat kapag tumanda ka na."


"Don't worry. If anything happens, I'll protect you with all my life and I'll always be at your side. Is that okay?" I nodded enthusiastically and she smiled in return.

Winter is five years older than me but she seems way older than most eleven-year old kids during that time. Parang naiintindihan niya na lahat ng nangyayari pero hindi niya lang sinasabi sa akin. But somehow, I'm glad we're together. Simula kasi nung pinanganak ako, minsan ko lang makita sina Mom and Dad. I know that it's because of their job but it felt like we're not that important to them. Pero sabi ni Ate, it's because I was born during the civil war. Hindi na nila ako naasikaso dahil marami silang kailangang gawin para sa government.

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