His soft side - t.r

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Y/n Snape x Tom riddle
Warnings: smut and swearing
Word count: 3501

"Tom...we have... to get... to class..i have...my dad...next...he'd..kill me if..i was late," she managed to say between kisses his hand in her long hair the other resting on her neck. He kissed her deeper then moving down to her neck making a hickey as he took in the moment and stretched it out as far as he could until she tapped his shoulder and laughed signalling that it was really time to go. He pulled away painting heavily as he gazed down at the beautiful Slytherin girl he had pressed against the door of the broom closet.

His hands dropped to her waist and he could feel her also painting heavy her fingers to her lips where the phantom of his kiss still lingered. He didn't move only stared at the love bite he left on her neck proud of himself, before Y/n finally broke the silence.

"Tom... I have to get to potions you know what my dads like when people are late."

"Can I see you tonight?"

She stared up at his handsome dark eyes admiring his beauty. She shifted beneath her weight, "I don't know, Tom. I have to study for my OWLS"


She knew she couldn't resist when he used such a tone she was going to protest but she knew he would convince her either way. She sank her teeth into her bottom lip and nodded swiping the hair on either side of her face behind her ear. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead , when she did and he pulled her chin up to look at him and kissed her one last time sending shivers slithering like snakes down her spine.

"Meet me in the Astronomy tower tonight."

He winked at her then backed away and out of the closet her small hand in his large hand all the way up until it naturally slipped out and she smiled. "Oki see you there," she agreed and he hummed in approval. "Brilliant" he said before turning to stride off down the long corridor and she stepped out of the broom closet to watch until he vanished around the corner her cheeks burning red.

She hugged her Potions book to her barely managing to contain her smile before she spun around on her heels and headed for the potions hallway. Hazel onosa a fellow Slytherin with tan skin and shoulder length curly blonde hair joined her side as they approached the doors leading out to the classroom and she smiled at the girl.

Hazel tilted her head as they stepped inside the class, the corner of her lips curving into an amused smirk. "You seem happy," Hazel said, and she flushed, brushing hair back behind her ear. "Do I?"

"Yes, you do it's like you've seen i don't even know what makes a person smile that wide"

Hazel looked around the classroom as they walked over their seats in the back corner. When Hazel was sure nobody else was around to eavesdrop she leaned into her friend's shoulder her lips close to her ear. "Who's the lucky guy?"

Y/n blinked and stopped flipping through her book, taken aback by what Hazel had said. Hazel giggled behind her hand as she turned to look back at her shocked friend. "Oh, come on y/n, Why are you acting so surprised?" Hazel asked, and her friend shook her head. "I
-i-i don't know what you mean by guy," she replied, as she began to flip through her book  again but Hazel still stuck to her side teasingly prodding her finger against her shoulder.

"Don't act dumb babe. I know someone's in love when I see it," Hazel chuckled as Snape entered the potions room dramatic as usual. Hazel leaned in closer so Snape wouldn't hear and she furrowed her brows as she gazed at her friend. Hazel grinned, "you're in loveee you're in love ."

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