the morning after - e.b

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Warnings - making out and swearing
Word count - 502 words
Y/n Y/L/N x Lorenzo Berkshire
A/N : You and Enzo left Hogwarts 3 years ago and you are now married with 2 kids.
You and Enzo had just woken up and didn't think your kids were awake yet so you decided to stay in bed for longer since it was Saturday.

"Baby" Enzo said looking down at you, "what's up love" you say looking up at him.

He pressed his soft lips to yours slowly kissing you at first letting you catch on with what he wanted to do before his pace started to quicken.

You matched his fast, passionate rhythm.

His hand slowly moved down from your shoulder all the way down to your clit before he started to rub it slowly making you quietly moan into the kiss causing him to smile.

You had Netflix on and couldn't hear what was going on outside your room. Your baby boy started crying but neither of you heard it as the tv was loud and the baby monitors batteries died so you carried on with what you were doing.

You and Enzo had fucked last night and were only in a bra and underwear while he had boxers and no shirt on.

He inserted two fingers into you before curling them inside you causing you to moan into the kiss even more.

He quickened the curling hitting all the best spots. He moved down and started kissing your neck,
sucking on it lightly attempting not to leave a mark but you knew he would.

"", you managed to get out.

"are you close doll", he said.

"y-yeah" you moaned as you finished on his fingers.

"good girl" he said before licking his fingers "mm so good" he said before going back to kissing your neck before you both heard the door open and...

"mummy" you daughter said causing Enzo to jump off you and fall to the side of you as you sat up fixing your underwear, "yes baby" you say as she points to your sons room then you heard him crying.

"shit" you say getting up and kissing your daughter head before going out to see to your son.

Your daughter got on the bed with Enzo "daddy" she said
"what's up" he said turning the tv down "what were you a mummy doing" she mumbled out.

You walked back to you and Enzo's room with your son in you hand feeding him with a bottle of your breast milk.

"we—umm—well" he stuttered as you laughed,

"your on your own for this one babe" you say walking downstairs.

"we were hugging" he said before getting up and picking up your daughter taking her downstairs.

They came downstairs with you and you smiled seeing Hazel in Enzo's arms and Milo in yours realising what a beautiful family you two have made.

I'm so sorry i haven't done any Enzo or Draco one shots really xxx

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