"I need to feel you inside me theo" - t.n

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Me and Mr no name met in a class two days ago when we got sat next to each other, we started talking and he mentioned how he lived next to my dorm with some of his friends, he invited me to a party he was having i never thought it would end how it did.

Right now i'm in his bedroom pressed up against the wall with him in between my legs on his knees. I finally found out his name was Theodore Nott but he goes by Theo.

And i'm not going to lie seeing him on his knees was a pretty sight.

My hand runs through his hair pulling tight as his tongue slithered between my folds, he lifted my leg up my heels digging into his shoulder.

He pushed two fingers inside and pumped his mouth sucking on my clit as i pulled on his hair, i didn't want to hurt him so i let go and rested my hand on his head instead of gripping it.

My back slowly arching off the wall as i reached realise, "theo-" i said as the fire pit in my stomach exploded.

I looked down through heavy breathing and saw two beautiful blue eyes staring up at me as he licked the taste of me off his tongue.

"i need to feel you inside me theo" i said as he stood up towering over me, "really now pet, you need to?" he smiled as he spoke his usually dark, sexy smile taking over my body as i smashed my lips against his. I could taste myself on his lips and that only made me grow wetter and more desperate for him.

"I know princess" he said reaching down and kissing me, his tongue rolling across my bottom lip instructing me to open my mouth for his tongue to slip into, our tongues fought for dominance as our clothes ripped away from our skin.

He pulled away and pushed me onto the bed as i got comfortable he grabbed a condom from his bedside table "theo you don't need to wear one i'm on birth control and i haven't slept with anyone and i've been tested recently and i'm clean" i said knowing i've only done it with people wearing a condom.

"Really, i.i'm clear to i've just never done it bare before" he said placing the condom back "are you sure" he said

"yeah, i've never done it bare either" i said as he smiled and got on top of me teasing my clit with his tip, my hand on the back of his neck and the other in my hair to hold it off my back so it wouldn't get tangled up.

He slipped himself in "fuck y/n your so tight and wet i don't think i'll last" he said as I let out a gasp feeling it bare was so much better then condoms.

He pulled out slowly and then back in I moaned and he bit his lip as his pace quickened

"fuck" i moaned as he hit my g-spot in a matter of seconds i knew he had experience and i did but i don't think he knew how much i had.

He flipped us over so i was now on top riding him "show me what you can do darling" he said as i lowered myself onto his full length taking it all i don't know how or where it went but he looked at me smirking as he saw i took it all.

I moved my hips slowly as his dick rolled against my g-spot, he leaned up and kissed my lips as i started to move up and down his length faster and faster my tits bouncing with me.

He was enjoying the sight of it and couldn't keep his eyes off it until his head rolled back and he moaned "y/n fuck, i'm" he got cut off as he came inside me, "that was- did you" he said "not yet i was hoping you could make me" as soon as i said that i was flipped onto my back one leg lifted so he could go deeper inside me if that was even possible.

"theo mm fuck" i moaned as he hit the best bit over and over my orgasm rising up over me, i felt myself tighten around him before i moaned a final time and came over his cock, his thrusts slowed down and became sloppy and gentle as he made sure we'd both finished.

He fell next to me and pulled me into his side and under the covers of his bed, "do tou want to watch tv and fall asleep as it's late" he said checking the clock

"yeah sure plus my dress is ripped so i'm better going back to my dorm tomorrow instead of walking through that party with my bra and thong on" i said as he stood up and walked over to his draws

"here put these on and you can keep them" he handed me some black boxers and his quidditch top which has his last name on the back

"don't you need this for quidditch?" i asked as i put on the clothes while he put some boxers on himself.

"Not anymore, quidditch is only once a week and we only now need one shirt for training and one for matches" he said getting back into bed and turning his tv on.

"what do you wanna watch" he said kissing my head

"anything" i said curling up to his side realising i love this man i met 3 days ago


I gave her my favourite pair of boxers and my quidditch top telling her she could keep it and when she accepted my heart beat 10x quicker and my cheeks flushed pink. I've never felt like this towards anyone. My mother always taught me to respect women and that's what i want to do with Y/n for as long as i can.

I'm in love with the woman i met 3 days ago who i've been admiring for years but never had the courage to talk to her . My friends made jokes so i had to sleep with other girls so they'd stop but it never felt right but tonight and the sex i had with Y/n was the best i've ever had.

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