Beautiful body - t.n

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All body types are beautiful in their own way.

Word count: 498

It's been 1 week since you went to dinner in the great hall. Theo had noticed but you told him you were just asleep after studying for snapes test.

Little did they know. 2 weeks ago you overheard some girls talking about how "big" they thought you where this made you look in the mirror for ages and ages and finally came to the conclusion not to eat for a couple weeks.


Theo storms into your room "WHY THR FUCK ARENT YOU EATING!!" he screams

"THEODORE DONT FUCKING YELL AT HER" pansy yells from the common room.

"Princess you need to eat you'll get sick" he says sitting on your bed.

"Theo you don't understand.. I heard some girls calling me fat and ugly and that was it I couldn't do it I had to stop eating dont you see it's working" you said on the verge of tears

"No baby it's harming you, I don't want you to be Ill and pass out don't you see please just come down and eat please" he begged with tears falling down his face

"Fine I will..." you say giving in as you knew if you said no he'd make you.

A couple of weeks went by and you'd gotten so much better. You were still hesitant about eating in front of people but when you had a shit day Theo would always come to you with a plate of food and a card saying how much he loved you and your gorgeous body.

"It's so good to finally see you back y/n you look so much better" Mattheo said

"Yea, You're really gotten your colour back you went really pale" enzo said

"Hey umm y/n/n someone's behind you" pansy said as you turned around you saw 3 hufflepuff girls the same 3 girls who said those things about you.

"So we just wanted to apologise we heard what we made you do and we think it's fucked that we made you do that" one says

"Yea we are really sorry and your gorgeous we were just really jealous that your body is perfect" another says

"Can you forgive us" the last one says

"I guess but promise me you can't go round talking shit about people you've never even met just because your jealous" you say as they all nod and thank you

"I think you handled that well" Blaise said

"I really wanted to smack the shit out of them but I decided to be respectful" you say

"For once" Tom said as you smacked him on the head as everyone laughed.

Theo put his arm around you and whispered,
"I love you so much my gorgeous girlfriend" before kissing your temple.

Where can u find myself a Theo 😭😭😭 x


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